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Another +15 Best Pc Repairs Utility tools

Another +15 Best Pc Repairs Utility tools
Another +15 Best Pc Repairs Utility tools

Most of the time our PC has to be repaired for no reason. It may be due to some corrupt files or may be due to virus. It’s really very difficult to predict what could have caused the problem. Sometimes even a simple issue in the registry can also make your PC to reboot automatically. We may think that these errors can’t be solved and almost everyone uses to format the windows hard drive. But if we format we will lose all the important applications and re-installing them will waste your time. So here is a list of cool PC repairing tools which can solve most of the errors which arise in the PC. Some of them are portable applications which you can run from your USB.
Here is the list of some of the best PC tools which are very useful for repairing and fixing the PC errors.


Dial-a-fix is a collection of known fixes gleaned from Microsoft Knowledge base articles, Microsoft MVPs, and other important support forums, that will assist you in repairing problems with your system. Although this tool is ordinarily meant for power users, technicians, and administrators, it is quite safe to use even without technical guidance (although guidance is recommended). Simply choose the solutions you wish to apply via check marks  and click GO. As the downside of the application we found that Dial-a-fix does not work with any Windows OS higher than Windows XP. This includes Windows Vista, Windows 7. Dial-a-fix also has a critical un-patched bug that will delete your C:\Documents folder. It is highly recommended to read the Warnings page before downloading and using this software. You can visit to download:


LSP-Fix is a free tool designed to fix internet connections damaged by malware or buggy software. The Layered Service Provider (aka LSP) is a part of your operating system that your computer uses to connect to the internet. Some legitimate software (such as firewalls) and illegitimate software (such as malware/adware/spyware) place files in this location and if they become buggy or removed incorrectly, you will no longer be able to connect to the internet. LSP-Fix will show you the files placed in this zone and will suggest which ones need to be removed to gain internet access again. You can visit to download:

Auto runs detected

This free tool allows you to view nearly everything on your system that is set to automatically run and goes far beyond the capabilities of MSConfig. This tool can show you files that are in your startup folder, files being launched from the registry, files that are launched by Task Scheduler, files that Windows starts by default such as DLL’s, Microsoft and 3rd party services and much more. You can visit to download:

Process Explorer

Ever wonder which program has a certain file or folder open? Now you can find out. Process Explorer displays a list of currently running processes and DLL’s on a local Windows based system. It is very useful for finding viruses and malware. You can visit to download:
RawCopy is a tool designed to copy the contents of one hard drive to another. This program is ideal for those with faulty drives and wants to transfer the data directly without going through folder by folder. The program also has built in data recovery code which will attempt to recover data in bad sectors. This program is designed to run under NT/XP/2000 or later operating systems. However, It will run under windows 95/98/Me operating systems but only windows logical drives can be copied. You can visit to download: and

Pc Decaprifier

The PC Decrapifier is a program designed to remove or uninstall a specific list of unwanted software in an unattended fashion. It can be used to clean off most of the annoying software that is typically shipped with new PCs. You can visit to download:

Tweak UI

Tweak UI, an official tool from Microsoft, isn’t so much a repair tool but a tool to make small tweaks to an Windows XP based system. Although it does have the ability to repair your hot keys  repair your font folder, repair registry, repair unread mail count and repair icons its real power is it giving you control over how Windows XP behaves. You can visit to download:


Un-locker helps delete locked files with error messages like:
Cannot delete file: Access is denied
There has been a sharing violation.
The source or destination file may be in use.
The file is in use by another program or user.
Make sure the disk is not full or write-protected and that the file is not currently in use. You can visit to download:

Unstoppable Copier

Unstoppable Copier is a tool that allows you to recover files off a failing hard drive that has problems such as a physical damage, bad sectors, errors reading data etc. The program will attempt to recover every readable piece of a file and put the pieces together. The name Unstoppable Copier comes from its ability to skip files that cannot be read. It will just report which file couldn’t be copied and continue on its way. You can visit to download:


CPU-Z is a small stand-alone utility designed to give you advanced information about the main devices on your system such as the CPU, Main board, Memory and System. You can visit to download:

Pocket Kill-box

Pocket Kill-box is a tool that allows you to delete files that Windows won’t allow you to delete because the file is currently in use. Kill-box allows you to choose the file you would like to remove and will delete it when the computer is rebooting (and therefore outside of windows). You can visit to download:

Network Stumbler

Network Stumbler is a free utility designed for finding wireless access points and logging their signal strength. This tool can be used for finding the best location for a wireless access point, finding a location with a strong signal for the connecting device and to find the existence of wireless access points, even if the device has its SSID beacon turned off. You can visit to download:

SoftPerfect Network Scanner

SoftPerfect Network Scanner is a free multi-threaded IP, NetBIOS and SNMP network scanner. This tool will ping computers, scan for listening TCP ports and displays the resources available on the network (router web logins, printers, computer shares etc..). You can visit to download:

Double Driver

Double Driver is a tool for collecting the drivers that the computer uses to communicate with its hardware. One of the main reasons why you would want to collect an computers drivers is if you don’t have the Driver CD that came with the computer or they are unavailable online. This is a very common task by computer technicians about to format a computer. You can visit to download:

Treesize Free

Treesize Free is a free utility to view the space usage on your hard drive folder by folder (and its sub-folders) which is something Windows is seriously lacking. You can visit to download:

DriveImage XML

DriveImage XML is a free, stand alone application for making a complete backup image of any logical drive or partition, allowing you to backup/restore an entire operating system. The application also includes an image explorer allowing you to view the files inside the backup file created and extract individual files (I’m sure plenty of us have left a file behind at some point). You can visit to download:

But remember; always take a backup copy of your system before you make any service, just in case. You never know when you will need it. Now, what if you give your opinion of this article?

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I got hacked! Now what do I do?

I got hacked! Now what do I do?

I got hacked! Now what do I do?

This is a real situation: You opened an attachment from an email that you, probably, should not have opened, and now your computer has become too slow, some strange things are happening. Does the world ends or is there something you can do to take back control of your PC?
Then somebody has been calling from your bank to tell you that there have been some strange activity on your account and your ISP does not have information on traffic information from your computer, they claim that in recent days has generated a kind of nebula.

All this means that your computer has been attacked and infected with a virus or other kind of "malware", you need to do something to prevent your files from being destroyed and also to prevent your computer from being used to attack others.
These are the basic steps you must take to return to normal after being hacked.

Isolate your computer.

To disconnect that hacker is using to "pull strings" from your computer, you need to isolate it so that it cannot communicate to others on a network. The isolation will prevent the use of your computer to attack other computers; as well as prevent the hacker continue to obtain records and other information. To do this, you must unplug the network cable from your computer and turn off Wi-Fi. If you have a laptop, surely there is a switch to turn off the Wi-Fi.
Do not rely on doing this by means of some software, as malware hacker could tell that something is off when it is actually connected, so if better to relay in the hardware aspect.

Turn off the computer, remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer as an external drive.

If your computer is at risk, you have to turn it off to avoid further damage to your files. After turning it off, you have to remove the hard drive and connect it to another computer as a secondary external drive.
Make sure the other computer has antivirus and anti-spyware both installed and up to date. In addition, you should also download a scanner Free rootkit detection from a reliable source, such as Sophos.
To make things a little bit easier, consider buying a "drive caddy" USB to connect your hard drive to another PC easier.
If you are not using a USB caddy and, instead, choose to connect the indoor unit in place, make sure that the switches on the back of the unit disk is preset as a secondary or slave drive.
If you set it as main drive, you could try to move the data from other PC to the new OS, also transferring malware and all the problems that entails.
If you do not feel confident enough to remove the hard drive on your own or do not have a spare computer, then consider the option of taking your machine to a good PC repair shop.

Scan your disk for viruses and malware.

Use anti-virus, anti-spyware and anti-rootkit from another computer to ensure detection and removal of any viruses that can damage files on your hard drive.

Back up (always) all important files hacked disk.

You want to remove all your personal data from infected disk. Copy your photos, documents, videos and other personal files on a DVD, CD, or hard drive clean.

Replace your hard drive in the PC.

Once you have ensured that your backup files has been successful, you may move the disk back to the original PC and prepare for the next part of the recovery process.
Replace disk DIP switches back to "main" or master.

Thoroughly clean the old hard drive (format it).

Although antivirus and spyware reveal that the threat is gone, still should not trust that your PC is free of malware. The only way to ensure that the unit is completely clean is to use a blank hard disk to completely clean the unit, and then re-load the operating system from a reliable means.
After you've backed up all your data and having put the hard drive back into the computer, use a disk wiping application hard to make clear the entire disk.
There are many of these applications to get free. The disk wiping applications can take several hours to completely clean a disc, and which formats all sectors of the hard drive, even the empty ones, and tend to make several passes to make sure not to skip anything.
It may seem a waste of time, but this way you will be sure that there will be nothing for review and is the only way to be sure that the threat has been removed.

Reload the operating system from a reliable source and install updates.

Use the original operating system disks that you purchased or that came with the computer, do not use any copy or a disc of unknown origin.
Use reliable means will help ensure that no virus is found in a disk operating system re-infect your PC. Be sure to download all available updates and patches for your operating system before installing anything else.

Re-install the antivirus, anti-spyware and other security software before any other action.

Before loading any application, you must load the patches and all safety-related software.
You need to make sure your antivirus software is up to date before you load other applications, whether those applications contain malware, this might go unnoticed if your antivirus is not updated.

Scan backups of your hard drive for viruses before copying them to your computer.

Even if you're pretty sure everything is clean, always scan the files data before reintroducing them back into the system.

Make a complete backup of your system.

Once everything is in perfect condition, you should make a full backup, so that if this happens again it will not take too long to reload the system.
Use a security tool that creates an image of your hard drive as a backup will help accelerate a possible future recovery immensely.
If you are not to comfortable with all this process, you can contact some trained people to do it, thing that could apply a very low rate. In this moment there is a must do it question: What if you tell me your thoughts about this matter?

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10 free tools to clean and maintain your PC safe

10 free tools to clean and maintain your PC safe

10 free tools to clean and maintain your PC safe

In this article I will let you know a selection of applications that will help you to keep the equipment in good health and free from threats.
For some time the computer has become an essential tool for our work and has also been inserted in a lot of homes. In this context, the health of our PC has become a critical issue. It is important to note that we use various tools combined provide a better option to have everything under control.
This article explores ten essential applications to make our equipment is clean and safe from threats.


Tool specially designed for deep cleaning on your hard drive. Among its main features include options to clean the Windows registry, temporary files, recycle bin, clipboard, Start Menu, Desktop, Recent Documents and search auto, among many other options.
In addition, CCleaner can act performing cleaning Cookies, History and cache, among other options, the leading browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera). This application also provides a section for uninstalling programs installed on our equipment, so to free up space. This software has a Spanish language version, the download is free and can be obtained from the website: .


For free you can access an interesting combo that includes Antivirus and Firewall to safeguard our team. This is the basic option without charge, but if you want you can purchase the paid version, Internet Security Pro, with many additional options. Well worth saying that it is possible to test the Pro option with 30 days trial.
If we choose the free version, we can achieve very good results up to go surf the Internet and also to our network with a firewall that offers many options and also with proactive protection. To this you can add the option COMODO antivirus that provides for even greater protection. Find more information on .


With this tool you can have a powerful antivirus that will protect our computer from threats and we will go sheltered surf the Internet.
In the free version will find an antivirus with anti-spyware  If we seek a more complete solution we can choose any of the paid versions, as the case of Internet Security, which offers additional solutions for purchase and secure online banking, identity protection and data and other tools aimed to prevent SPAM .
The link to the site from avast! is .

AVG Anti-Virus Free

Another alternative that we can help our team detect and clean viruses. Real-time protection and the ability to search our system the presence of all types of malware are the key benefits of this product.
Additional advantages for those who use the Internet, highlighting the scanner options for links (LinkScanner) and also the possibility of protection in social networks. We can find the link for the free products or find out more options in AVG payable solutions

Microsoft Security Essentials

This tool is the free option offered by Microsoft for Windows users legitimate versions. Among the advantages of this software may be mentioned the detection and removal of malicious files and spyware. This product integrates the system with a very clear interface, offers a fuss use, for any user that can handle it without problems.
We can access the download page of the product entering

SpyBot Search & Destroy

A very important tool to scan your computer for spyware and other malicious agents that could jeopardize the security of our computer is SpyBot Search & Destroy.
This program can be downloaded for free from the website  and offers a Spanish version easy to use and configure for analysis.
You can also make an immunization process to protect some features of browsers and strengthen security. We may also find additional tools that will help us keep safe the privacy of our system.

Spyware Terminator

If we want to exterminate the spyware on our network this tool can be very useful to us as an alternative to inspect and clean these dreaded our threats. With computer scanning options and real-time protection, Web Security Guard and the addition of an antivirus, this tool is a very good option to consider. We will get more information by logging on: /.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

One interesting application for our team reviews for malware. If we believe that our computer may be infected with viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits or other malware, worth trying with this software to try to detect threats and definitely clean our system.
This tool can be achieved in a free version or a full version (paid) on website 

Part of the health of our team goes through to know the internal components are well. One of the factors that can harm our hardware associated with the excess heat. SpeedFan is a tool that can measure the temperature of both the main processor and the graphics processor (GPU), hard disk and other system features.
This application can also access the hardware some additional data such as voltage, fan speed (revolutions per minute) and SMART features hard drives installed on your computer.
This program can be obtained by entering .

TuneUp Utilities

This is a set of utilities that allow us to optimize the system. With this product we can perform maintenance, improve performance, free space, system troubleshooting, uninstalling unnecessary programs, disable start-up programs you do not need, edit the registry, change the configuration of Windows and many other options.
You can access the free download and see the options for the full version (paid) by entering: .

Let me know what do you think about a such interesting issue. 

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How to repair your computer in your home

How to repair your computer in your home
How to repair your computer in your home.

Need to fix your computer, but has neither the time nor money enough to take it to a professional? Do not worry, we help you solve common problems using the seven resources you probably already have in your home

Run the antivirus.

A huge proportion of modern computer problems are caused by viruses. Computers that are slowed, downloads which stagnate and some strange errors are symptoms of this scourge of modern computing.

Even if you have an antivirus program installed, that does not guarantee that it will repel all viruses before they infect your computer. As is the case with real life virus, computer viruses sometimes come to adapt sufficiently to overcome the defenses.

However, the antivirus software is constantly updated, in order to counteract the virus that emerged last week and last month, so if you run a full scan of your hard drive using your antivirus, probably find active infections.

Clean the registry.

This advice applies especially to those computers with older versions of Windows or who have had a lot of action over the last year. Every time you enter a major change in your computer, Windows updates its record. Install or remove software, change important settings, and many other things will add information to the Windows registry without you having to clean it.
But as the log is full, it tends to stop working effectively. Your computer slows down and cause errors, and you can even get to lock your computer. Luckily, cleaning your registry is an easy task and there are many programs, both free and paid, that will help you do so. One such software is not going to increase the memory of your computer, it will clean all unnecessary files, detect "malware", eliminate unused registry keys automatically update the controller, among others.

At this point, I would recommend the "Registry Mechanic", which does all the work for me. This software is amazing and has won several major awards. You can get a free scan of your computer to see how it works before you buy it.

Safe Mode.

Most people I have spoken on this subject seem to have no idea what is safe mode. Do you? The answer is that it serves to solve the major problems of Windows deactivating some default actions. Examples:
• Safe mode will prevent most programs from starting automatically, so if your problem is with one of these programs, you will discover immediately.
• Safe mode will prevent drivers from loading most of the hardware not essential, so if your hardware is malfunctioning, you will discover immediately.
• Safe mode can also help you discover the damage caused by viruses, but antivirus software is better able to cope with these problems.
To enter safe mode, hold down the F8 key when the computer starts to catch on.

Blame Windows.

Sometimes the problem is the computer's operating system, Windows. That does not necessarily mean that Microsoft is going wrong, it may be that a virus has deleted an important file. However, diagnosing a problem of Windows from Windows can be a challenge. What is needed is an external authority, I suggest Linux.
You can download a Linux CD will not install anything on your computer, but you will run the Linux while the CD (or DVD) is in the disc drive.
You can also use Ubuntu:
Go to the Ubuntu website, download the current CD or DVD, whichever you prefer (the DVD have more, but takes longer to download), write to CD or DVD and put it on your computer. Restart your computer and see if it works.

If Linux can make your computer run, then there is no problem with the hardware or Windows, so follow the following tips for how to fix your computer.

Re-install Windows.

In the days of Windows 95 and 98, people used to re-install Windows about once a year just to to keep things running smoothly.

That was the maximum progress of Windows XP, which remained stable for much longer periods. But if you have a problem with Windows can not fix it any other way, re-installing Windows is still the best option.

It is important to back up important files before re-installing Windows. If your computer can not even start Windows, you can use the method described above to use the Linux and keep your files and copy them to a DVD or an external hard drive or remove the hard drive of your computer and use a disk adapter drive to copy the files to another computer. After backing up your files, re-installing Windows should be easy. Most of today's computers allow input re-install Windows from a special menu (if you do not find that option, consult the manual of your computer).

Blowing problems.

If your computer problem is hardware, not software, you may not be able to do much. Most electronic systems can not be repaired. However, there is one thing you can do to "revive" an electronic device: blow.

Specifically, blow them to extract dust. The powder functions as an insulator, function almost exactly the same (mainly cellulose). With the dust retaining heat inside your computer, the pieces begin to fail. Most modern electronic devices are designed to work only up to about 35 degrees before shutting off automatically to prevent serious damage or even fires.
If disposing of the dust, the pieces do not get hot and you can start working again. But I warn you: the heat-damaged parts are more likely to fail than the undamaged parts, so do not expect miracles.

To remove dust from your computer (when turned off), take a tissue, cover your eyes, inhale through the handkerchief, and blow as hard as possible without spitting. If not, you could work much faster (though at a cost) using a can of compressed air you can get in a supermarket or in a business office supplies.

The last resort.

If any of the techniques described above helped you to fix your computer, in this case we suggest you ask for help. Call the manufacturer, even if the computer is out of warranty. Most manufacturers have toll-free customer support, so call will cost you nothing. The worst that can happen is that they are unable to help. On the other hand, can tell a way to repair your computer. If all these does not work at all, your last resort would be to call an accredited technician, but this will cost you some money.

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Why do I need to have an EBook?

Why do I need to have an EBook? Part I
Kindle Fire HD Tablet
Why do I need to have an EBook?

For centuries, book lovers dreaming to have a space in your home to have hardwood libraries full of books so they can feed their love of literature. Of course not everyone can have the money and space to house the library of our dreams.
 Although for years there are different types of handheld devices that, among other functions, for viewing text documents, the reality is that they had come to meet the needs of those looking to spend some time reading, as tired end LCDs sight, preventing to enjoy a prolonged reading.
In recent times came new devices, specially designed for reading electronic books, which renewed the concept of screens, which is known as electronic ink ("electronic ink" or simply "E-Ink").

Electronic ink.

Electronic ink on the screen, unlike in the LCD, requires no backlight and has much lower power consumption. In these devices, the representation of text and images on the screen is produced by electromagnetic stimulation of tiny capsules of a matrix to form the points (white or black).
As a first highlight of the displays based on electronic ink stands that reduce eyestrain and also consume less energy. It should be noted that these devices have a rechargeable battery that gives them independence and different types of electrical connection to a computer, among which we highlight the classic USB connector.
The EBooks that use electronic ink reader on their screens are usually very thin and have a self storage unit (often with the ability to expand by standard flash memory). Its features also include the possibility of wireless (Wi-Fi, Bluetooth or 3G), keyboard (real or virtual) and audio output for viewing through voice.


Accessibility is another pillar of these devices. Having an EBook reader allows us to have hundreds of books in the physical space occupied by a magazine or newspaper paper (or less) and also run with the advantage of being able to load or acquire new with great simplicity, as these devices can connect to the computer to incorporate books or connect to online stores to buy them, in the place where we are, whether in the comfort of our home or in a hotel room, if you're on the go. Of course this is a really unmatched convenience in this regard. Notably, the EBook reader can not only display books or PDF files, but also have the ability to display text documents (DOC, HTML, RTF and TXT, etc. depending on model), images and Internet content, such as newspapers and blogs.

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Are You Already Present in Social Media? Pinterest.

Social Media is the best way to get you present in this digital world and Pinterest is the most used social networking website for the year 2011

A lot of people believe that the new Internet Network, Pinterest, is only for people who like to design crafts, or those just like to share pictures, or for those just like to share online scrap booking, or any other treats, apparently futile. Maybe, you are that kind of people who wonder yourself:

How this website could assist my business only sharing images?

We can be found a clue to this question in Facebook history. If you remember those days, when Facebook came up to light, mostly people thought: “this is not for me, I am a grow up person and this kind of game is only for teenagers and high school students.” But now Facebook has more than 845 million users and the total is up and counting every single day. Through Pinterest, businesses owners can find all the tools they need to build a brand connection with their audience and increase their presence on the Internet at the same time.

The unique characteristic of Pinterest is it brings persons with common interests, and joins those using images and no words. This makes Pinterest totally different from any other network online. Never before has so much meaning the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” that in this case. Pinterest visual nature makes it the best choice for branding your business.

Which are the Basic Concepts?

As any other platform, Pinterest has its own terminology and we have to be aware of this. Here I offer to you the most basic Pinterest terminology.

Board, this is created by you to upload, or pin, your visuals.

Pin, visuals that you upload, could be a picture or a video.

Repin, we called this when you copy another’s people visuals to your Board.

Pinners, the user who pins or uploads their visuals.

Followers, people who follow all the pins you may have or a specific board.

Following, people who you have interest to view their pins.

How this Social Network Works?

The way Pinterest works is as following. Think you have a wood board in the wall of your home or office, and then you see an image you think is interesting and you like, could be something from a magazine or newspaper. You cut off that visual out and place it (using a pin) to your wall board.

When other people see your visuals, they click the image and use the “Repin” button, and take it to their personal Board. Then any of their followers can see your pin and repined again. 

Can you see the impact Pinterest could have for your products, services, general business or even hobbies? The possibilities are huge and amazing.

Who make up Pinterest?

Pinterest is the Social Network with the fast growing rate of these days. In accordance with Google, Women group represent a bumping 82% of Pinterest’s audience and nearly 70% of this group are under 45 years old. So, if you’re a business man, or woman, targeting this women group as your main target, this new Social Network should be the first place where to look.

Remember, appealing and connecting is everything about Social Media. And besides that, Printerest is amusing, easy, and a strong way to promote your business.

Finally, are you using Pinterest in order to get your own benefits? Do you know how to use this new Social Network in your business? Let me know what you think about this amazing world of Pinterest. Undoubtedly, I love Pinterest, and You?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things to Know About Internet Marketing (I).

picture of clickbank with a man stand and both arms lifted.
On these days, the world economy is all condemned and in despondency. Actually, not country is safe of this situation. Ahead of the world is the United States, followed closely by Europe. Nothing is for sure and all security in jobs is in the bygone. Think about, how many people, that you know, have lost their jobs in the recent years? And more important, what are the options to make money fast or easy, in this awkward world of these days?
If you make a search about this issue one of the most popular choice in this time is working from home online. You can find plenty of earnings, because you are not programmed to a unique job from nine to five. You can make a bunch of money just with a computer and internet connection, depending on your personal effort. One of the best ways that you can quickly make money is through Affiliate Marketing.

To any new participant in this activity and who do not know how Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing works, the answer to the three more important questions should be:

How does affiliate marketing work?

One of the easiest and fastest ways that you can make money online is Affiliate Marketing. The Affiliate Marketer receives a commission for every single successful referral sales done in behold of the Affiliate Merchant. Fundamentally, you are the negotiator who acts as a link between the buyer, your referrals, and the seller, or the Affiliate Merchant.

An Affiliate Merchant can be the owner of the product, the manufacturer of the product or the provider of a service. There are a lot of sources of Affiliate Merchants on Internet in many websites, one of the best known is ClickBank. The Affiliate Marketer does not have to spend time in unfolding his own products to sell, then all that energy can be focused just on develop the marketing skills. But first, the Affiliate Marketers will have to build their own list of subscribers to promote. Once you have this list, you can promote and endorse the affiliate products you are representing. The commissions you can earn for sales differ between them, but can go as high as 75%.

What are the advantages of Affiliate Marketing?

Another important agreeableness of Affiliate Marketing consists that the initial costs are very low, because you do not have to consume money on product unfold. Your cash flow is also not engage coz you do not posses any inventory of your own.

In the second place, Affiliate Marketing grants you to make as much money as you desire. This is since you have the flexibility to choose what to promote, and as many affiliate products as possible to try to sell. You can choose to try to sell twenty affiliate products that pays ten dollars in commission for each sale done, or five affiliate products which pay forty dollars in fees each of them. Depending of the substantial number or quality subscribers you may have, the limit for your earnings will be the sky.

How you can start making money now?

You can start creating a website or a blog to attract traffic. Select a profitable niche to market your website or blog and create an optin page to subscribe your visitors, so you can start building your own list. The selection of a website or a blog is up to you, but I recommend starting with a blog in order to get experience and skills, but then cross over to a website, coz this option is more respected in the Affiliate Marketing world. Or you can do both at same time from the beginning, using your blog as a source of your web site. You have to take note that search engines, like Google, love and eat blogs.

As soon as you have a starter list, you can begin to look for Affiliate Merchants for the niche you select. If you get a list with a good responsive path, at anytime you will start to receive your initial paycheck online from your merchants. This is not easy to start, but once you get more experience and skills, you will find it become easier to you to get your desired and deserved profits.

Finally, and as a rule of thumb for your success in Affiliate Marketing, I can advise you to always link up yourself to proven Internet Marketing programs, so that your knowledge curve shortened. Remember, as everything in the life, without the precise guidance, you will be in the risk of fall on many basic errors that new Internet Affiliate Marketers make.