Friday, April 20, 2012

Are You Already Present in Social Media? Pinterest.

Social Media is the best way to get you present in this digital world and Pinterest is the most used social networking website for the year 2011

A lot of people believe that the new Internet Network, Pinterest, is only for people who like to design crafts, or those just like to share pictures, or for those just like to share online scrap booking, or any other treats, apparently futile. Maybe, you are that kind of people who wonder yourself:

How this website could assist my business only sharing images?

We can be found a clue to this question in Facebook history. If you remember those days, when Facebook came up to light, mostly people thought: “this is not for me, I am a grow up person and this kind of game is only for teenagers and high school students.” But now Facebook has more than 845 million users and the total is up and counting every single day. Through Pinterest, businesses owners can find all the tools they need to build a brand connection with their audience and increase their presence on the Internet at the same time.

The unique characteristic of Pinterest is it brings persons with common interests, and joins those using images and no words. This makes Pinterest totally different from any other network online. Never before has so much meaning the phrase “A picture is worth a thousand words” that in this case. Pinterest visual nature makes it the best choice for branding your business.

Which are the Basic Concepts?

As any other platform, Pinterest has its own terminology and we have to be aware of this. Here I offer to you the most basic Pinterest terminology.

Board, this is created by you to upload, or pin, your visuals.

Pin, visuals that you upload, could be a picture or a video.

Repin, we called this when you copy another’s people visuals to your Board.

Pinners, the user who pins or uploads their visuals.

Followers, people who follow all the pins you may have or a specific board.

Following, people who you have interest to view their pins.

How this Social Network Works?

The way Pinterest works is as following. Think you have a wood board in the wall of your home or office, and then you see an image you think is interesting and you like, could be something from a magazine or newspaper. You cut off that visual out and place it (using a pin) to your wall board.

When other people see your visuals, they click the image and use the “Repin” button, and take it to their personal Board. Then any of their followers can see your pin and repined again. 

Can you see the impact Pinterest could have for your products, services, general business or even hobbies? The possibilities are huge and amazing.

Who make up Pinterest?

Pinterest is the Social Network with the fast growing rate of these days. In accordance with Google, Women group represent a bumping 82% of Pinterest’s audience and nearly 70% of this group are under 45 years old. So, if you’re a business man, or woman, targeting this women group as your main target, this new Social Network should be the first place where to look.

Remember, appealing and connecting is everything about Social Media. And besides that, Printerest is amusing, easy, and a strong way to promote your business.

Finally, are you using Pinterest in order to get your own benefits? Do you know how to use this new Social Network in your business? Let me know what you think about this amazing world of Pinterest. Undoubtedly, I love Pinterest, and You?

Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Things to Know About Internet Marketing (I).

picture of clickbank with a man stand and both arms lifted.
On these days, the world economy is all condemned and in despondency. Actually, not country is safe of this situation. Ahead of the world is the United States, followed closely by Europe. Nothing is for sure and all security in jobs is in the bygone. Think about, how many people, that you know, have lost their jobs in the recent years? And more important, what are the options to make money fast or easy, in this awkward world of these days?
If you make a search about this issue one of the most popular choice in this time is working from home online. You can find plenty of earnings, because you are not programmed to a unique job from nine to five. You can make a bunch of money just with a computer and internet connection, depending on your personal effort. One of the best ways that you can quickly make money is through Affiliate Marketing.

To any new participant in this activity and who do not know how Internet Marketing and Affiliate Marketing works, the answer to the three more important questions should be:

How does affiliate marketing work?

One of the easiest and fastest ways that you can make money online is Affiliate Marketing. The Affiliate Marketer receives a commission for every single successful referral sales done in behold of the Affiliate Merchant. Fundamentally, you are the negotiator who acts as a link between the buyer, your referrals, and the seller, or the Affiliate Merchant.

An Affiliate Merchant can be the owner of the product, the manufacturer of the product or the provider of a service. There are a lot of sources of Affiliate Merchants on Internet in many websites, one of the best known is ClickBank. The Affiliate Marketer does not have to spend time in unfolding his own products to sell, then all that energy can be focused just on develop the marketing skills. But first, the Affiliate Marketers will have to build their own list of subscribers to promote. Once you have this list, you can promote and endorse the affiliate products you are representing. The commissions you can earn for sales differ between them, but can go as high as 75%.

What are the advantages of Affiliate Marketing?

Another important agreeableness of Affiliate Marketing consists that the initial costs are very low, because you do not have to consume money on product unfold. Your cash flow is also not engage coz you do not posses any inventory of your own.

In the second place, Affiliate Marketing grants you to make as much money as you desire. This is since you have the flexibility to choose what to promote, and as many affiliate products as possible to try to sell. You can choose to try to sell twenty affiliate products that pays ten dollars in commission for each sale done, or five affiliate products which pay forty dollars in fees each of them. Depending of the substantial number or quality subscribers you may have, the limit for your earnings will be the sky.

How you can start making money now?

You can start creating a website or a blog to attract traffic. Select a profitable niche to market your website or blog and create an optin page to subscribe your visitors, so you can start building your own list. The selection of a website or a blog is up to you, but I recommend starting with a blog in order to get experience and skills, but then cross over to a website, coz this option is more respected in the Affiliate Marketing world. Or you can do both at same time from the beginning, using your blog as a source of your web site. You have to take note that search engines, like Google, love and eat blogs.

As soon as you have a starter list, you can begin to look for Affiliate Merchants for the niche you select. If you get a list with a good responsive path, at anytime you will start to receive your initial paycheck online from your merchants. This is not easy to start, but once you get more experience and skills, you will find it become easier to you to get your desired and deserved profits.

Finally, and as a rule of thumb for your success in Affiliate Marketing, I can advise you to always link up yourself to proven Internet Marketing programs, so that your knowledge curve shortened. Remember, as everything in the life, without the precise guidance, you will be in the risk of fall on many basic errors that new Internet Affiliate Marketers make.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Self-Confidence, How do you see Yourself?

a picture of a yellow cat watching itself as a lion on a mirror
The self-confidence is a crucial element in the performance of any individual. Put two people to perform the same task, if all other factors match, the person that will do better and faster will be the one that have more confidence in itself. This applies to all types of task, from the simplest to the most complex. You will realize the importance of this statement when you become aware that the most complex task we have to do is just to live.

Many factors can influence whether a person has or no confidence in itself, but one of them is paramount: the way the person is raised. When we talk of a person, everybody imagine an adult and often forget that this adult was once a child. It is during childhood that lay the foundation of what will be the adult, and it is unlikely that this adult can change the course which was marked in its infancy.

This happens because childhood is the time when the mind is more malleable, is when is more influenced by her surroundings. Hence, when speaking of the influence of the environment, we are referring to the action of parents, relatives, friends, teachers, peer students, and everybody that, during the time when person is more suggestible: her childhood, surround the future adult .

There are ways to raise a child that encourage confidence in itself and others that tend to destroy it. Undo the effect of bad parenting it is very difficult when the person grow and is an adult. However, change can happen, either accidentally or deliberately.

Always think that self-confidence refers to the belief in the person’s ability to perform a task, based in this, we can realize the various ways you can increase self-confidence of a person. For instance, there are fortuitous experiences that enable some people to realize a task that they never thought have any condition to perform in a good way. They are called "critical experiences" because they mark a crossroads in the way of life of each people.

There is also a gradual way to getting faith in personal's ability for a task. This is in order to get closer to the top of the desired goal in successive stages. It begins with simple tasks and gradually the difficulty is increased. This method has been used for centuries in the job training: the person starts as an apprentice and gradually, over time, is gaining more responsibility and move up in the career ladder.

Finally, there is a method that some people may take as magical but it actually has neurological foundations. Practice consists of mental representations, or views, of the task to be carried out. Comparisons made between people who practiced this kind of "mental exercises" and others than did not, it was found that the former were more effective than the latter.

Friday, April 13, 2012

Remember to Get Your Computer's Backup.

Picture of a computer's hard disk in flames of fire.
Suddenly, you hear a sound that came from your computer. Then, without a warning, your computer shutdown by itself, and when you try to restart it nothing come to your monitor, a black screen. Maybe some white letters on it that state: “No Operational System found”.

Unfortunately, in most cases, this means that your hard drive is dead. And then that cold sweat start running through your body and a question comes to your mind: Do I have lost all my photos, data and files? Most time this is true, so panic seizes you, but no, wait, at that moment you remember you have a backup....Maybe?

When you spend a big or a small quantity of time on your computer, maybe working or maybe just for fun, the worst thing for you is to lose the information, that precious information, you have spent hours or days in create it. But, the worst for you is losing information that cannot be returned such as pictures, emails, and personal files. And believe me, this happens more often than you imagine.

The best way to avoid this horrible loss is doing a back up of your hard disk. There are several ways to perform this task.  However, when you have not the same knowledge than a computer technician, the easiest way is to buy a portable or external hard disk.  They are somewhat inexpensive; if you consider the quantity of effort and time you have spent into the things you are trying to not lose.

The notion of the portable or external hard disk is quite simple. Typically, they are connected to your desktop or laptop using a USB cable and, normally, you get this cable with the hard disk when you buy it, and, furthermore, every computer have at least two USB ports somewhere on the front, on the side or on the back.

When the device, the portable hard disk, is connected to the computer, you can copy or move your files or folders to it. As a technician, I always recommend to copy the files and folders instead of move them, this is a way to avoid any lose you may have in the process of move them and you won’t have a copy at hands.

Depending on the size of the hard disk will represent the quantity of data you could back up. Undoubtedly, this is the most convenient and easiest way to save any files, folders or documents you may want to protect from your computer.

Also you can protect those valuables files and folders by doing an internet backup. There are some of these services available in the internet and many of them are quite easy to use. But maybe you will need a little more of knowledge in the computer field in order to get your way through the process, this situation could be resolved with the help of the costumer service of the company you chose to work with.

I will propose to you to make a list in order to avoid you data be lost, but it is your responsibility to set up the process properly. You can learn the lesson the hard way or you can hear the advice and take some steps to avoid disaster. Another thing that you have to remember is that applications or software cannot be backed up, they have to be reinstalled. This is always my check list for back up.

Write a list of programs you use most.

Delete all files that you do not use from your computer. Include here software.

Check what kind of files you keep and those that you want to keep.

Organize your documents and files. The best result is in a hierarchy way.

Calculate how much space you need to collect data.

Find the software and passwords needed.

Whenever you use a remote backup service, read the instructions carefully and be sure that you understand them.

Verify that the data’s transfer was complete and in a correct way.

Use schedule and automatic backups whenever you can.

Be sure if you need just one backup or more than one.

And last but not least, and the most important of all.
Employ an IT specialist, like me in this case, to do the job. All business, big or small, needs assistance to master, with the necessary quality of service, the power of technology. Take a note that, just like your lawyer, doctor or any professional needed, you also need a computer professional on your team. No worst time to look for experience hands is when disaster strikes.

Clearing Your Browser Cache

cleaning a hard disk with a eraser pencil
When you are surfing Internet using any kind of Web Browser, we say as example Internet Explorer, Chrome (I use this one basically for Windows 7 and Windows 8), Firefox, Opera and you view the pages on the web, these files are saved on the hard drive, in an automatic way, and it have nothing to do with your will to approve them or not. These files are normally called browser cache. Other people call them temporary internet folder.

Where are these files saved on your computer?

Each browser has its proper location on the hard drive to save these ‘cache’ files, and each one of them has the proper clearing way. You must take care of this situation because if you fail on it and cache files are cleaned out or cleared regularly and often, they can start to take a big amount of your computer hard drive. So, different browsers have different place to store and different way to clear the cache files. I will show you in this article the different methods, for the main web browsers that you can find now in the market.

Clear the cache or temporary internet files for Internet Explorer.

You must open a new browser in the first action to clear the cache or temporary internet  folder for  Internet Explorer, and then from the top menu, select ‘Tools’, continue to this click on ‘Internet Options’, that from the drop down menu is the last option. Once this new window opens, look for a button called ‘Delete Files’, click on it, then click the box called ‘Delete all offline content’, and last click Ok. Depending of the amount of files you are trying to clear, this will take a while to make the process because maybe there are a lot of files that you need to delete. When you finish, click ‘Ok’ and close the open window.

Clear the cache or temporary internet files for Opera.

First action to clear the cache or temporary internet files for Opera is to open the browser window and then from the top menu, select ‘Tools’, and from the drop down select ‘Preferences’. On the Preferences screen, to the left hand side, you must click on the label ‘History and Cache’. On a button that says ‘Empty now’, exactly to the right side of the window, click there to select this button. Now again, depending of the amount of files you are trying to clear, this will take a while to make the process because maybe there are a lot of files that you need to delete. When you finish, click ‘Ok’ and close the open window.

Clear the cache or temporary internet files for Firefox.

Cleaning Firefox’s cache is quite similar to other browsers. First, open a Firefox browser window; go to ‘Tools’ from the drop down menu, and click there. Select ‘Options’. Second, when the window has open, you must click on the icon labeled ‘Privacy’, located on the left. On the right hand of the new screen opened, you will have another button that states ‘Clear’, just to the right side of the word ‘Cache’. You must click here to clear the Firefox cache. And again, depending of the amount of files you are trying to clear, this will take a while to make the process because maybe there are a lot of files that you need to delete. When you finish, click ‘Ok’ and close the open window.

Clear the cache or temporary internet files for Chrome.

To clear the cache in Chrome is similar to the other browsers, but, of course, you need to know where start and what are you looking for. Your first step is to open the web browser and locate the button “Customize and control Google Chrome’, is an icon like a wrench, on the right hand side of the screen, click on that button. On the drop down menu that opens roll your mouse over ‘Tools’ and click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’. In the new tab that opens select ‘Empty the cache’ or leave the defaults selected and click on ‘Clear Browsing Data’ button. Depending of the amount of files you are trying to clear, this will take a while to make the process because maybe there are a lot of files that you need to delete. When you finish, click ‘Ok’ and close the open window.

I hope that this review points about the internet browser’s cache will be interesting and useful for you, but the only way I can know about that is if you take a moment and leave me any comment or opinion you may have.

Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things to Consider When You Start in Internet Marketing (IV)

Server in a server room of a host server.Undoubtedly, Internet Marketing is an amazing and complex world inside Internet of these days. In this series of article we continue offering you some of the most important aspects you must know in order to have a secure and problem-proof development of your business.

You must test your website with different browsers.

There are many web browsers out there, and people can use any of them. You must test your website, and see how it looks, at least, on the major browsers on market. They are IE (different flavors), Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. In this way you can be sure that you are not losing customer for this cause.

Make that links looks different.

You must make that the links you have in your website be easy to identify for your visitors, so the know where to click. As a standard you can underline the links or change the color of the fonts. Furthermore, is important to change the color or the visited links, and this is normal practice around the internet, so in this way you allow your visitors to know what pages they have visited in the past and they can decide to go over those pages or select others.

Select the adequate resolution.

You must select the best resolution for any visitor you may have, around 90% of normal users have a resolution of 1024x768 or maybe higher. The normal width for your website should be between 800 to 1024 pixels, however, the best selection will be 1024 pixels. If you select more than 1024 pixels for your web site users will need to scroll to view your content and, again, you will lose a customer.

Optimize the images on your website.

Always should be better if you compress your images under the .jpg format. You can use image editor software, or use software that permit to save the picture to use on the web. This is important because images have a significant impact in how fast a website is loaded. Normally you can use texts and not use any image, but images give an outstanding leverage to your website.

Always check for spelling mistakes.

Finally, at least for this today’s article, presentation is a core aspect of any website. In the website presentation for the visitors, text is an essential part of any job. Always check your texts, as much as possible, looking for any spelling and grammar mistakes around. Try to proofread several times your pages or any article you summit to the visitors eyes, and if it is possible use another person, as a friend, to read the pages for you, as the old quote say “four eyes see more than two”. Use, if necessary, a grammar and spelling software checker, there are several that have to pay for them, but there are some free on Internet that works very well, like this one  , which is what I use.

Of course there are many more things you should know and consider when you decide to start in this world of Internet Marketing, but we will bring to you in successive articles. But now, please, we need your feedback, let us know what do think about this matter or if you have in mind other relevant aspects.

Things to Consider When You Start In Internet Marketing (III).

Image of server room on a host serverUnquestionably, Internet Marketing is an amazing and complex world inside Internet of these actual days. In this series of article we continue offering you some of the most important aspects you must know to have a secure and problem-proof development of your business.

Always research Internet looking for a good web host company.

As we told in a previous article, it is very important to find a good web host company for your website health, but before you take any decision about this you have to research for it in Internet. You can follow this steps, look for hosting review sites, check what other clients are saying about the companies you are thinking to consider, test the customer support department and try to evaluates how long they take for them to get back to you, ask for address of websites that the companies host and go to them and test how fast they load.

Always chose for Linux bases plans instead of Windows bases plans.

The two main options for web host companies, at this moment, are Windows bases plans and Linux bases plans. Are they different? Both are good, but we recommend selecting those companies which web server are Linux bases plans instead of Windows. This has nothing to do with the Operational System you have in your computer. This means that the server use Linux as Operational System, not your computer. Linux based hosting plans are totally superior to Windows, as they are more secure and reliable, they use a server software called Apache which has more feature and is faster than Windows.

Use adequate fonts.

You must use adequate fonts in order to give a good user experience to your visitors, so they feel comfortably when they read your content or they will leave your website to another where they feel better. Normally is used a font size of 11, but use bigger ones as possible.

Select a web host company that use cPanel.

The cPanel is an industry standard, but some companies try to use their own software. When using cPanel you will get more features and it will allow an easier backup, restore and transfer your website, this means that you will able to move your website to a different web host as you need it in the future.

Use adequate color for fonts and background.

Another aspect that infer in a good user experience for visitors is to choose the adequate color for fonts and background. Sometimes we found websites that are very difficult, very hard to read or, even, understand, despite the might have awesome content. Sometime hurts the visitor eyes, so you lose a customer at once. Maybe you like, but if you lose customer, you lose a probable customer of your product or service. In this case, better stick to basic color palettes, combining dark fonts on white or clear background, first choice, or white font on dark background.

Of course there are many more things you should know and consider when you decide to start in this world of Internet Marketing, but we will bring to you in successive articles. But now, please, we need your cooperation, let us know what do think about this matter or if you have in mind other relevant aspects.

Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Content Strategies (I)

<img src="monitor.bmp" alt="Monitor Screen" />

Always keep in mind these content strategies if you want to develop your own business in Internet Marketing. These strategies or concepts are effective and foundational for every single person.

1- Must be clear about your message.

This is a rule of thumb. You must start your writing process with a very clear sense of what message you want to send or share with your audience, if you fall short in this rule, your content will fall short too. So the best way is to seat back, relax, think twice and take enough time to drill down your overarching intention into one basic concept. Think again, and make sure this concept is clear, pointed and accessible. Remember, if you are not able to do this, how can you expect anyone will like to read it and, later, understand it?

2- Always try to know your reader.

It is very important to know your message and be as clear as possible about what you to want to write or what you want to express, but is more critical that you understand your audience. Sometimes this is more critical than be clear about your own message. You can do this when you take in consideration your audience’s interests, their particular points of view and their needs before you start to write the first single word.
Always keep in your mind that the most people want to know is if you will go to solve their problems, if you have a solution for them. They want, above all, to feel that you are related to their pain points. You only can do this for your readers if you know or imagine who they are, and put yourself in their shoes.

3- Keep a list of your good ideas.

Has it ever happened to you, that a great idea has come to your mind, but has not written it because you were doing something very important that kept you busy for a while, and when you finally had the time to translate it on paper; you found that has disappeared completely, has vanished without a trace?
 This happens more frequent that you think and to everybody, do not worry, nothing is wrong with you. So, to avoid this just take a little moment to write it down every time that some good idea cross your mind. But, better than that, write down uptime around 20 or more ideas that come to your mind at any given moment, you do not know which of them will convert in a good idea just when you start to type about it.

4- Find different sources.

Always try to find different sources for your ideas. Use everything around you, or any kind of information. Check Twitter and looks what is trending in comments. Google alerts to track trends and worthy items in the industry of your choice. Ask your readers for controversial subjects. Launch a new service or product, could be yours or as an affiliate, and make a press release about it.

5- Review your work.

Never, under any circumstances, compromise the integrity of your writing, fulfill well this by checking your work several times before posting, check your grammar and spelling, if you are not sure, or if it is not your strength, get a second opinion of someone with more knowledge or use specific programs to help you. The best writing is questioned whether the full, or even just a part, have some grammatical errors or spelling.

6- Be authentic and genuine.

Either if you are writing for you, or for someone else that hired you, be genuine and authentic. But keep in mind that if you are writing for somebody, that you are hired to reflect your client’s authentic voice, not yours, so in this case is not an opportunity for you to interject your own opinion or style.

It is very important to me, know what opinion you may have. Please, let me know your feedback and any comment or opinion, in this field of Internet Marketing, would be more than welcome.

Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things to Consider When You Start In Internet Marketing (II)

<img src="bestwebhosting.jpg" alt="Picture with the text"/>
Internet Marketing is an amazing and complex world inside the Internet of these days.
Continuing with this series of article we will bring more of the most important aspects you must know to have a secure and problem-proof development of your business.
                                                                         Avoid adding numbers to the domain name.
Many users, trying to make easier the process of find an available domain name, decide to put numbers on it. For example in they use we use this kind of trick we are exposing the visitor be confused and ends landing at the wrong website.

Avoid adding hyphens between keywords in the domain name.

This is another mistaken tactic that some people use in the quest of gets an available domain name for their use. For example instead of,
some people could use This could be a bad idea because maybe your visitors forget or omit the hyphens and will be directed to the competence website.

Never use a cheap web host.

Normally a good web host will ask you around 10 box monthly for host your website. So it will be a mistake to choose a host server company that offers you unlimited disk and bandwidth for, we say, $1.99 monthly. This, beside that ridiculous, is suspicious, and as rule of thumb YGWYPF, I mean “you-get-what-you-pay-for” and this aspect of web hosting is vital for your website. So invest money in order to get quality if you want to make a quality website.

Never use a free web host.

This option is even worse than the earlier, because most of those free web hosts make their money, and that is why they can offer you something “free”, displaying their ads on top, at the middle or at the bottom of your website, so you will offering to your visitor some products that maybe are not the best for your own interest. Furthermore, you will find for sure, that the quality is the worst and normally will be a website very slow to load, with frequent downtimes for the people wanting to visit your website.

Always use the features “Domain Lock” and “Auto Renew”.

The feature “Domain Lock” basically protects your domain from unauthorized transfer requests, making more difficult for malicious people to hijack or even steal your website. This is an important feature, basically in this era of the internet’s hackers.

The feature “Auto renew” is normally offered for every domain registrars. Once you activate it, your domain name will be renewed, automatically, before the end of the expiration date. Why is this feature so important? Because you do not know if some domain squatters are watching you and will take your domain the same day it expires, and, in the best case scenario, you will lose time and money to get back to you, or, in the worst case scenario, some other bad gay will take profit of your effort.

There are many more things that you must keep in mind when you begin Internet Marketing, but I will bring to you in future articles. But until then, I need your feedback, let me know what do think about this matter or if you have in mind other relevant aspects.

Things to Consider When You Start In Internet Marketing (I)

<img src="serverroom.jgp" alt="Picture of the Server Room"/>
Internet Marketing is an amazing and complex world inside the Internet of these days. In this series of article we will bring some of the most important aspects you must know to have a secure and problem-proof development of your business.

Buy your own domain.

When you start to be involved with blogs and websites you can choice, at the beginning, a free hosted solution, like Blogger or Wordpress platforms, but as soon as you have the basic knowledge, you must to consider buying your own domain name and, consequently, getting a hosting plan. There are several reasons why you must do this. The first reason is that when you get your own domain name it gives your website much more credibility. The second reason is when you get a domain and a hosting plan you get more flexibility regarding the software and feature you can have on your site. The third reason is that when you actually own the domain name and the website, you can sell them if you decide this in the future.

Choose the adequate extension.

Actually, there are many extensions in the market among you can choose with the domain name that you bought. However, I can advise you to choose one of the three more important extensions. The first option you must consider is the extension .com, always must be your first choice. This extension is the more important for business purpose. If you cannot get the first choice with the .com extension of the desired domain for you, or if do not want to get the backorder for it, then you can try with .net or .org, that do not have the importance that the first option, but at end they should be fine. You must stay away, as much as possible, from extensions as .biz, .us and .info. These extensions are in use for most spam sites, and you do not want that your newly website will get suspicious from visitors, human or search bots.

Choose a domain name as short as possible.

 This is a rule of thumb, the shorter your domain name, the better. Always try to use fewer than 10 characters and never exceed 20 or more. Example: = 4 characters. = 15 characters. The number of words used within a domain name is also important. Furthermore, one-word domains are gold, two-word domains are good and three-words or more are average. The only one exception to the rule are domains that name match a keyword exactly, is an example.

Choose a domain name as easy to remember as possible.

Your domain name should be easy to remember, because many internet users usually type the address of their favorite websites and these ones are the easier to remember for them. For instance, is shorter than, but without doubt the second one is easy to remember than the first.

Choose a domain name easy to spell.

The domain name needs to be as easy as possible to spell, or the visitors to your domain will be landing at the end in some other website. We recommend avoiding tricky and foreign words if possible. For instance, might be a bit problematic for English speaking visitors, where mañana is a Spanish word and the letter “ñ” does not exists in English language.

There are many more things that you must keep in mind when you begin Internet Marketing, but I will bring to you in next articles. But I need your feedback, let me know what do think about this matter or if you have in mind other relevant aspects.

Friday, April 6, 2012

A Busy and Misty Morning

<img src="love.jgp" alt="Picture of Love is endless"/>A few days ago, in a busy and misty morning, about 8:30, an elderly gentleman in his 80′s arrived at the doctors to have some stitches removed from his thumb. I was seated there, waiting for my wife that she had coming to have routine appointment. We start to speak each other and he told me he was in a hurry as he had an appointment at 9:00 am. The nurse approach to us and asked him to take a seat while she started to take his vital signs, let him know that maybe it would be over an hour before someone would be able to see him.
Then, I saw another doctor to arrive the place, an old friend of mine from Cuba, an excellent physician and person. I saw the old man looking at his watch and decided to ask my friend about the old man. He agrees to see him at once, since he was not busy with another patient at the moment. He evaluates the aged man wound. On exam, he saw it was well healed, so he talked to one of the nurses, got the needed supplies to remove his sutures and redress his wound.
After my friend takes care of old gentleman wound, I asked my new friend, if he had another doctor’s appointment this morning, as he was in such a hurry. The gentleman, with a slow movement of his head told me no, that the real problem is that he needed to go to the nursing home to eat breakfast with his wife. Intrigued, I inquired as to her health. He told me that she had been there for a while and that she was a victim of Alzheimer’s disease. As we talked, I asked if she would be upset if he was a bit late. He, with a nice smile in his face, replied that she no longer knew who he was, that she had not recognized him in the last five years now. I was surprised and astonished, and then asked him, ‘And you still go every morning, to get breakfast with your wife, even though she doesn’t know who you are?’ He smiled as he patted my hand and said, ‘My sweet friend, she does not know me, and maybe she never will again, but I still know who she is, and still I know that I love her.’

Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Better Our Friend The Computer.

<img src="mypcissick.jgp" alt="Picture of my sick computer"/>Perhaps a long time ago you bought a computer, with the illusion of which long time lasted to you, working so well and as fast as the first day. Nevertheless, little by little, with the one to attend of the months, it has been making worse its yield, it can be because the new applications are more and more demanding or because you have been installing software or new devices, etc. and you reach then the conclusion that you must change of equipment. Stop immediately and reflex, do not do it, not yet. I am going to to propose you a series of tricks so that the computer begins to work as well as possible, tricks that also will be able to serve you so that your new computer renders to the maximum possible for you.
Although your equipment is new or old, always can be increased more the performance, even beyond the 100%. Many forms exist to approach the improvements. We can divide them in two main fronts for the battle: in hardware and software, although as the logic indicates to us those that have a greater weight in the final result is the modifications or improvements of hardware and it is what we will be talking about today.
 But given the intimate relation that always settles down between those two elements, usually there is a bit of both in any action of improvement. Occasions exist in which just by to update a driver or to make a maintenance routine can be improved much the experience of use of the computer. When the equipment generally begins to go badly the idea to format the hard disk is first that is coming to our mind. But the majority of the users do not know that often it is not necessary so radical and invasive procedure, which we only must apply as a last resort already.
Cleaning of the computer.
 First that we must try is a cleaning of the equipment, but we are not speaking here to take a humid cloth with disinfectant and to pass it through all the outer part of the computer, this would be well like hygiene but, lamentably, it will not provide any beneficial effect in the performance, falling even in the possibility of damaging it seriously if the liquid is spilled towards its interior. Maybe you have probably not seen this, but I do as a technician. The cleaning that we talked about previously is to uninstall programs, services or archives that are not already necessary. Often we have found computers that when watching the monitor we lost ourselves between so many icons, many of which, when we have asked the user, are there for years and without using at all.
Configuration of the energy profiles.
This is mainly useful in case it is using one laptop, but for all type of computer, there are several configurations that can be recommended to improve the performance: to choose the behavior of the ignition button, to select the behavior of the cover, to select when the screen goes out, to change the frequency when the equipment enters in standby, to choose the energy plans, etc.
Why we have to defragment the hard disk?
One of the best tools than comes with the operating system, in this case Windows, is the Disk Defragmenter. What happens when we use the hard disk? Normally, the Operational System looks for the information that we ordered to it in the hard disk, we used it and when we issue the order to stop him using that determined information, instead of to put it in the same place again it found, it strip in complete disorder within the hard disk, bringing out a mess and chaos, repeated daily, and when we tried to obtain the same data the system delays much more in finding it. When we used the Disk Deframenter it returns to place each piece of files one consecutively of the other, or at least the majority, improving unobjectionable the yield of the computer.
Always get the updates.
We must maintain all the components of the computer totally updated. For example if our computer uses Windows as operating system, regularly we must go to Windows Update to obtain the necessary updates, since these correct the breaches of security detected by hackers, besides the failures of yield in the programs which will give a more efficient and safe equipment to us.
Always try to realize extensions of memory.
Sometimes there is not another possibility than to update part of hardware because the components have aged. We can replace some basic components that only have average complexity; this is the case of RAM.
There are many other possibilities, but they are only recommended for people with certain level of knowledge, for example to make a cleaning of the registry or to modify the list of execution at the beginning of the system or start up. In case of other components that also can be improved or be replaced our recommendation is that you must use the service of experienced hands, since the damage could be greater than the benefit. And by the way, of something we must live the technicians.
Let us know what you think about all this. And finally, do you dare to make some of these tasks? We wait for your ideas, commentaries or suggestions.

An Old and Short Story

<img src="the_3_old_men.jgp" alt="Picture of the Three Old Men"/>
One summer day, early in the morning, a woman came out of her house and saw three old men with long white beards sitting in her front yard. They have very wise aspect, but she did not recognize them. She said to the three old men, "I do not think I know you, but you must be hungry and thirsty. Please come in and have something to eat and drink."

"Is the man of the house home?" they respond her with a question. "No, he is out", she said. "He's in this moment at work”, she adds with a smile at her face.

"Then, in this case, we cannot come in," replied the three old men.

In the evening, when her husband came home, she told him what had happened. "Go tell them I am home and invite them in," the husband said.

The woman went out and invited the men in. "We do not go into a house together," they replied. "Why is that?" she wanted to know. One of the old men explained: "His name is Wealth," he said pointing to one of his friends, "He is Success” said the old man pointing to another one, “and I am Love" said about him. Then he added, "Please, now go in and discuss with your husband and the rest of the family which one of us you want in your home."

The woman went in and told her husband what was they said. Her husband was overjoyed. "How nice!" he exclaim. "Since that is the case, let us invite Wealth. Let him come in and fill our home with wealth!"

His wife disagreed. "My dear, why don't we invite Success? I think is the most important thing in our lives". Their daughter-in-law was listening from the other corner of the house. She jumped in with her own suggestion: "Would it not be better to invite Love? Our home will then be filled with love!"

"You are completely right. I think our daughter-in-law's advice is the right thing," said the husband to his wife. "Go out and invite to our house Love to be our guest."

The woman went out and asked the three old men, "Which one of you is Love? “I am Love” respond one of them. “Please come in and be our guest” said the woman. Then, Love got up and started walking toward the house, but suddenly the other two old men, Success and Wealth, also got up and followed Love to the house.

With a big surprise, the woman asked Wealth and Success: "I only invited Love, why are you coming in? You told me than only one of you could come in" The three old men replied together: "If you had invited Wealth or Success, the other two of us would've stayed out, but since you invited Love, wherever Love goes, we go with him, because wherever there is Love, there is also Wealth and Success!"

What conclusion we can draw from this short story? Let us know what you think about it.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012

EDT Opium by Yves Saint Laurent for Women.

<img src="opium_for_women" alt="Picture of Opium for women"/>
Opium by Yves Saint Laurent for Women.


Naturally, and of course, as a man I am, I do not use this wonderful fragrance. However, this review is a something that my wife wrote, and I wish to publish on my blog for her. And, as last resort, I want to talk about it because I bought and gifted in her. She loved at once she tested it.

This perfume is so nice that you will always be getting asked what perfume you are wearing, not because it is over powering, or you have put too much on you, but for the instant attraction that you will create. So, be very carefully where you are wearing it. Both men and women just seem to like the smell, so you will be getting compliments of this cause, and you will want to keep wearing this perfume forever. She has been converted this fragrance in her every night perfume and I think, believe it or not; the price is worth every cent.

When she started to use this fragrance the only thing, she would say, as an objection, was she wished that I had bought another one in smaller size for her handbag.

Which are the main characteristics?

One of the main characteristics is the deep and intense sensation that gets sublimate the sensuality of the fragrance and in this way it gets to skyrocket your sensuality up to the maximum level. Another characteristic is at the beginning is fruity and aromatic and at the end is sweet and spicy. However, the character, as a whole, is completely voluptuous and flowery.
The overtly sensual side of this Yves Saint Laurent perfume masterpiece is less assertive in the EDT than in the EDP, but just a little bit. The opulent, decadent character is immediately apparent from the immediate swoon of mandarin and bergamot notes, totally deepened by myrrh, jasmine and carnation. Finally, amber unlocks the last note, and the heart of the woman who wears it.

How is the presentation?
The product came in three different options: 1.0, 1.6 and 3.0 ounces, but all of them with the same shape of the bottle.

Is there any inconvenience?

The main inconvenience that I found to this fragrance, from my point of sight, is the complete addiction to it. For sure, once you buy and start to use it, you never will stop of using it or, in this case, to buy it, in a way that, I think, the manufacturer should add a warning on the box preventing this fact. Now you have my advice about this small inconvenient. Another inconvenience that many people found is a poor design of the top sprayer, which constantly comes off from its place.

Fortunately, for me, my wife has other options that I will be showing to you, as soon as she gives me her thoughts about them; in the meantime I hope everybody will enjoy this perfume as much as we do. Finally, I wish to know what do you think about this product or which one is/are your favorite(s) perfume. Do not be shy, let me know, and we will continue in another review.

Sunday, April 1, 2012

Eua d’Toilette Diesel Men Only the Brave.

<img src="edt_diesel.jgp" alt="Picture of EDT Diesel Only the Brave"/>Overview.
I have a good friend, L. that he told me few days ago, that he picked up a bottle of this EDT Diesel for men, when it was first launched back in 2009. At the time, he confesses, was pretty new to the world of EDT and, like any college-aged kid, he thought the bottle looked really cool. The initial spraying smelled nice for him and he decided to make the purchase.

Today, about three years later, and upon his recommendation, I decided to buy it for me. My first impression could be expressed in just one word: Awesome! This cologne has good longevity, usually lasting a full day with only two or three sprays at pulse points. It also has a good spray, which projected very well, even in winter weather.

The smell is nothing about generic or synthetic.
I feel that the smell is nothing about generic or synthetic, and everything really stands out to me. To be perfectly honest, I feel a lot younger wearing this, and I mean in the good "I'm 45 and feel 25" way. In that sense, I feel also I should be wearing a pair of very baggy jeans, and a polo-shirt while wearing this fragrance and thinking that I am still walking by college after to get a good amount of the colony.
I do love EDT Diesel in spite of the fact that I have sampled and owned so much different cologne over the years and found things that really do stand out and that I quite enjoy. I will be wearing EDT Diesel, but I know that there is a lot of good cologne out there. Even within the Diesel house, both Fuel for Life & Fuel Plus will have places and uses in my collection. But EDT Diesel does so much at this time.

Cool design of the bottle.
And beside of all that, I really think my good friend was right: the bottle is really cool. More than that, with the shape of a fist who could resist?

After the first smell it will have you sold! If you really like something up, light and clean this is the cologne for you! I bought this today. I automatically loved it. I am not a boy and I do like a really median-heavy scent. This one does have it. So, now this is my new favorite cologne. Thank to L. who offered me to test it. I just had to purchase it for myself.

My last recommendation is if you want to be noticed, because people will ask you what you are wearing. After leaving the store I had 3 people ask me what I had on. Smells so good that I cannot stop smelling my hand, where it was originally put on. Finally another great point, the cologne sticks to you. I have had it since the morning, when I first sprayed in on my hand. It is now PM time and I can still smell it! With the exceptional notes of Lemon Blossom, Mandarin, and other excellent ingredients people will find you irresistible.

Do I recommend this product?
So, to my point of view the new men's fragrance EDT Diesel is a big inspiration of street culture. Beside that is a reference to all those visionary artists, sport icon or people from different cultures that marked the history of humanity.
Yes, I recommend this product. But now is your turn. What do you think about this product, or which is/are your favorite?

Laws to Success Part I

<img src="mystique.jgp" alt="Picture of Mystique hands"/>

The path to Success never is a coincidence, but is governed by several Laws. Everybody should remember these basic laws when they want to jump and ride through this path of Success. One of these basic laws is to learn with the Universe, and we must focus on it to begin with.

The three masters: Time, Space and Universe.

There are three masters that rule the life of any person in this world. They are Time, Space and the Universe. There is an enormous relationship, according to a theory of Albert Einstein, among these masters. Of these three interrelated masters, without a doubt, Time is the most ruthless of all, because it ends killing up to the last of his disciples. You can have Time as the principal master, but then should be aware that you will suffer the logical consequences of the delay. Instead of that, you must have the wisdom to accelerate the learning process guided by the experience of other people.

The largest of the masters is the Universe.

 If you could incorporate the Universal Laws to your own psychological structure, two of the main consequences of this act would be success and wisdom. Why? Because, we have to acknowledge this, the Universe is pure and absolute intelligence. It is ordered. It is governed by rigid laws, immutable and sovereign. These laws are absolute in its essence, independent of time and space in which they develop and act, depending entirely on the intention and the consciousness present in each one of us. The main purpose of these laws is to maintain order in the chaos, love into hate, ignorance into wisdom, health in sickness and eternity in the passing moment, functioning like an action and reaction, trying to fill the living space of every human being. Is there, in all these concepts of action and reaction where we can implement our goal of achieving maximum success.

What is The Law of Increase?

Another law every person must analyze and take into account in their approach to Success is the law of Increase. This law tells us that everything you focus, normally, tends to increase, so if we focus on our defects or our limitations, these limitations will increase in mathematical proportion to the energy that we use. What these indicate to us? We have to focus and put our energy into our qualities or virtues, whether they are real or imaginary, in order to get the benefit of progress and success.

You can practice this exercise.

Take a paper and write on it ten qualities that currently you owns or would like to have in the near future or medium term, and focuses on reading them for 21 days, these qualities will remain forged and engraved in your mind, implanted in your mental structure and, ultimately, becoming part of your own being. This exercise is a real fact. Try to realize it and you will find that your route to success become more smooth and easy.

Finally, there are more outstanding laws, but it would be the best leave them for another future post. Meanwhile there are some things that I would like to know from you. For example, what do you think of this particular issue and how you focus or visualize your path towards the attainment of success? Let me know about your thoughts and in this way we will commit to become a better human been.

Wednesday, February 29, 2012

Internet Marketing and Online Advertisement.

<img src="computer.jgp" alt="Picture of Internet Marketing"/>
Internet Marketing And Online Advertisement.
Internet Marketing involves online advertising so you can reach out your potential customers. It will require creativity like designing, development and technical aspects like marketing and advertising. Affiliate Marketing, Email Marketing, Search Engine Marketing and Interactive Advertising are all different faces of Internet Marketing. Ever since the advent of Internet, it is widely used for any kind of purposes. Among the advantages of Internet we can find that it helps in doing business, shopping, etc, from the comfort of the couch of your home. We found that according with a recent research a quarter of the users of Internet shop online. It has also helped grow electronic commerce or e-commerce and Internet Marketing is huge part of e-commerce.

All direct marketing techniques, like radio and television commercials, mails and newsletters are the inspirations for Internet Marketing technique, which involves direct response marketing strategies and it is rapidly growing. Business To Business, actually known as B2B, and Business To Customer, also known as B2C, are the two business models to which Internet Marketing should be linked. The B2C companies were the first to begin when Internet Marketing originated. They are companies that sell directly to the end customers. On the other hand, B2B companies are meant, basically, to do business with each other.

Websites for Internet Marketing are different.

Websites that you build for Internet Marketing are a bit different from others. There is peer-to-peer modeled websites which are used to exchange only products and services between each other. Another type is name-your-price, where the customers have to establish their price range that they can spend and then select products that fall in that range of price. We found an example in is a website which is based on find-the-best-price model, where the customers look to find the lowest prices. Also we have the auction model websites, where customers bid for items, in this case is an example for this model.

The companies that use Internet Marketing do not need to put in huge amounts of energy and time, and this is an advantage, like other traditional methods. With the help of just few resources, both national and international markets can be reached. Because of these very low investments even small businesses are turning to online marketing. Websites and blog have been developed just for this purpose. Online Marketing is advantageous in the sense that the data is easily available on Internet. Newsletters can be directly sent to every customer and if it does not contain the information that they are looking for, the user can search for the information about the product online, make a decision and then purchase it online itself.

Factors Against Internet Marketing.

A factor that could hinder the growth of Online Marketing is the delay on loading the WebPages. The WebPages that take a lot of time to download are a threat for the customer patience. Aside of that, if the business design complex web site with a lot of animation and graphics, it will slow down the speed even more. Another point against Online Marketing is that the customer cannot feel, smell, taste or try products in order to make a better decision. To overcome this problem some of the Internet stores have created a liberal return policies with the help of which the customer satisfaction is guaranteed.

But one of the biggest threats of Internet shopping is identity theft. The information of customers is susceptible to hackers. Many of this hackers and sites have been caught because they were involved in buying and selling the customer personal information. One measure that web site can take to no compromise the customer information is to encrypt the data, so when this data is transferred it can be intercepted by the hackers. In order to get this encryption the web masters use certain algorithms to get the customer data, and when it is received they use another algorithm to decrypt the customer data.

The use of Internet Marketing is influencing all kinds of businesses. From Banking to Advertising or to Music. Anyone can buy CDs or DVDs online instead that go to a store. In the same way anyone can make bank transactions like deposit, withdrawal or transfer funds over Internet. All this is a huge industry of billions of dollars invested every single year.

Let me know what do you think about this amazing and complex world of Internet Marketing.

Using Banner Advertisements.

It is very important to effectively promote your site when you are trying to make money of the articles on it, and in this way attract customers so they can see what a good, quality website you may have. There are many ways to market and promote your site. One of them, and is the one that we will be analyzing here, is Banner Advertisements or Banner Ads.

What Banner Ads Can Do For You?
Banner Ads can help bring visitors from others sites to your own website. Is true that monthly fees could be expensive to advertise in websites with heavy traffic, at the very end it may be cheaper and/or faster way to begin to see significant revenue from your site efforts, rather than waiting for SEO techniques to bring your own website to the very top of search engine results. Aside that you can pay to advertise on someone else's website, you can do a free banner exchange with another people. There are some pros and cons of this free banner exchange that you have to have in mind as we will explain below.

Saturday, February 25, 2012


Internet Marketing for newbies is somewhat of an oxymoron. This is because while on paper the ideas behind Online Marketing might be quite easy, undertaking efficient techniques can be very difficult. This can even be tough for those who are quite experienced in the world of Internet Marketing. With this in mind, this article will attempt to describe the idea of Online Marketing for newbies and will summarize some primary techniques which can help a entrepreneur to release his own Internet Marketing plan. We will cover ideas such as developing a web page, putting marketing ads, submitting out e-newsletters, orchestrating an e-mail plan, applying your web page for google and taking some marketing courses online.

Create a Web Page or redesign that one you already have.
One of the first steps for starting an Online plan is to make a web page. If you don’t have a web page or have a badly designed web page you should consider developing or redesigning a web page to properly market your items. If you do not have encounter in web style, there are a number of software programs which keep it uncomplicated for those with no style encounter to make a efficient web page. However, selecting a web designer is beneficial because he can work to make a web page which is eye-catching, efficient and suitable to your items and sequence. He can also help you involve more innovative features on your web page.