Thursday, February 9, 2012


<img src="american_Indian_tribe.jgp" alt="Picture of Human Tribe"/>

<img src="animal_herd.jgp" alt="Picture of Animal Herd"/>

Few days ago I was talking with my good friend L. about an article that I read two days before. The artice was about the Seth Godin' book "Tribe" and my friend ask me a question:

What are the differences between Tribe and Herd?

The first thing that I did was to establish the differences between “HERD” and “TRIBE”. As any dictionary state, Herd animals refer to a social group of certain animals. But it also refers to the form of a collective animal behavior associated to its control by another species, by example, “HUMANS”. Herd also refers to one who controls, take care and possesses such kind of group. When an association of people is described as a “HERD”, is because the behavior of the group remind the herd animals, they tends to act together, react in the same way, and go to same direction, but not as a result of any plan or coordination. Is just “INSTINCT”. They do not think, just follow the lead. The” HUMAN HERD” always is been told what to do and, never, has an opinion, just follow a certain pattern in which they feel happy and safe. Inside the “HERD” there is not a distinction between any members of that such “HERD”, and when within a “HERD” we found a member that highlights for any reason, this is the only one that, in this case and for that reason, will be remembered.

Sometimes this member, that highlights for any reason, start to think, start to question him or herself, start to question the rest of the “HERD” and the lifestyle of the social group. This member starts to be converted, start to be transformed to a “HERETIC”. This is the beginning of a “TRIBE”; when this integrant TAKE A STAND from its own fears, from its own uncertainty, and breaks the “GAP” between the “HERD” and the “TRIBE”. But, for all should not be enough to be an exemption to the “HERD”. We must to surround ourselves with another peoples that contribute to our new “TRIBE”, where each of its member contribute with their own ideas, with their own opinions, and the same purpose of obtaining the best “RESULTS”, resolving the specifics problems faced by other people. The “HERETIC”, and for extension the “TRIBE”, found the solution for the “GAP” between “PATTERN” and “POOR RESULTS”, giving the people the liberation of their problems, problems that they cannot resolve themselves. That is most people wants, “LIBERTY”, not freedom, from their problems. That is most people wants: To believe and belong to.  
Now we have a big question or challenge: HOW TO BUILD A TRIBE?

But that is for another next article.


  1. Juan,I really liked your post, this very instructive and interesting.

  2. I agree. You have made the nice blogs with the great info in the contents.