Thursday, February 9, 2012

How do I build my tribe?

Before you build your tribe there is some concepts to consider, that you must know, and several questions that you must answer.

The first concept to analyze is “SOUL PURPOSE”. What is “Soul Purpose”? A known concept say: “Soul Purpose is your unique series of gift, strength, talents, passions, attitudes, and values that form the essence of the most magnificent version of you.” WOW!!! Apparently is an easy concept. But wait, do not fool yourself. This concept means that you have to truly analyze your person, and every single corner or angle of your personality. In order to make a little easier this appreciation we can divide this concept in two things: “I AM” and “I STAND”.


I AM… What is the meaning of I AM…? Well, you have to start asking yourself about your skills, your abilities, your gifts. Maybe you have the ability of speech, maybe you have the ability of connect with people, and then you can become an entrepreneur. Maybe you have the ability of write (do not look at me) and can connect with people with your excellent articles. Maybe you have the gift of thinking and can lead the people.

I STAND… What is the meaning of I STAND…? We can break this concept in another three to make it simple: Problems and People, and between them Product. I mean,  with the gifts you found in the concept I AM you can start to look for People that have Problems, Problems that you can solve for these people with your product. This product is, or is related to, most of the time, your gift, talents, etc.
We have to understand that there are two common elements that must to exist in building a tribe: there must be a leader (the heretic) who is leading for a vision and second must be a group who involve in that vision to follow and support that leader.

Could any of us be a leader?

YES! Yes and yes. Any single person can be a leader, each one of us has certain gifts, strengths, wisdom, visions, that can bring to the marketplace to aid or resolve the problems of other people. Each and every one of us is a leader. The main problem is to find the concept I AM, to find in what thing of this life I am good enough to offer My Product to the People in order to resolve their Problems?


We state before that there are Problems and there are People and between them there are Products. These Products could be one that you created (your personal brand or product) or could be one created by any other person, but you want to marketing or promote to those People, as affiliate marketer. You have to create the best Product or you have to find the best Products created by another person if you want to succeed in marketing. Beside of all these, you have to build your platform, you have to market your vision and platform and you have to enroll your tribe in supporting your vision and platform.
But those others three items: build your platform, market your vision and enroll your tribe, will be part of another next article

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