Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things to Consider When You Start In Internet Marketing (I)

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Internet Marketing is an amazing and complex world inside the Internet of these days. In this series of article we will bring some of the most important aspects you must know to have a secure and problem-proof development of your business.

Buy your own domain.

When you start to be involved with blogs and websites you can choice, at the beginning, a free hosted solution, like Blogger or Wordpress platforms, but as soon as you have the basic knowledge, you must to consider buying your own domain name and, consequently, getting a hosting plan. There are several reasons why you must do this. The first reason is that when you get your own domain name it gives your website much more credibility. The second reason is when you get a domain and a hosting plan you get more flexibility regarding the software and feature you can have on your site. The third reason is that when you actually own the domain name and the website, you can sell them if you decide this in the future.

Choose the adequate extension.

Actually, there are many extensions in the market among you can choose with the domain name that you bought. However, I can advise you to choose one of the three more important extensions. The first option you must consider is the extension .com, always must be your first choice. This extension is the more important for business purpose. If you cannot get the first choice with the .com extension of the desired domain for you, or if do not want to get the backorder for it, then you can try with .net or .org, that do not have the importance that the first option, but at end they should be fine. You must stay away, as much as possible, from extensions as .biz, .us and .info. These extensions are in use for most spam sites, and you do not want that your newly website will get suspicious from visitors, human or search bots.

Choose a domain name as short as possible.

 This is a rule of thumb, the shorter your domain name, the better. Always try to use fewer than 10 characters and never exceed 20 or more. Example: = 4 characters. = 15 characters. The number of words used within a domain name is also important. Furthermore, one-word domains are gold, two-word domains are good and three-words or more are average. The only one exception to the rule are domains that name match a keyword exactly, is an example.

Choose a domain name as easy to remember as possible.

Your domain name should be easy to remember, because many internet users usually type the address of their favorite websites and these ones are the easier to remember for them. For instance, is shorter than, but without doubt the second one is easy to remember than the first.

Choose a domain name easy to spell.

The domain name needs to be as easy as possible to spell, or the visitors to your domain will be landing at the end in some other website. We recommend avoiding tricky and foreign words if possible. For instance, might be a bit problematic for English speaking visitors, where mañana is a Spanish word and the letter “ñ” does not exists in English language.

There are many more things that you must keep in mind when you begin Internet Marketing, but I will bring to you in next articles. But I need your feedback, let me know what do think about this matter or if you have in mind other relevant aspects.


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