Sunday, April 8, 2012

Things to Consider When You Start In Internet Marketing (II)

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Internet Marketing is an amazing and complex world inside the Internet of these days.
Continuing with this series of article we will bring more of the most important aspects you must know to have a secure and problem-proof development of your business.
                                                                         Avoid adding numbers to the domain name.
Many users, trying to make easier the process of find an available domain name, decide to put numbers on it. For example in they use we use this kind of trick we are exposing the visitor be confused and ends landing at the wrong website.

Avoid adding hyphens between keywords in the domain name.

This is another mistaken tactic that some people use in the quest of gets an available domain name for their use. For example instead of,
some people could use This could be a bad idea because maybe your visitors forget or omit the hyphens and will be directed to the competence website.

Never use a cheap web host.

Normally a good web host will ask you around 10 box monthly for host your website. So it will be a mistake to choose a host server company that offers you unlimited disk and bandwidth for, we say, $1.99 monthly. This, beside that ridiculous, is suspicious, and as rule of thumb YGWYPF, I mean “you-get-what-you-pay-for” and this aspect of web hosting is vital for your website. So invest money in order to get quality if you want to make a quality website.

Never use a free web host.

This option is even worse than the earlier, because most of those free web hosts make their money, and that is why they can offer you something “free”, displaying their ads on top, at the middle or at the bottom of your website, so you will offering to your visitor some products that maybe are not the best for your own interest. Furthermore, you will find for sure, that the quality is the worst and normally will be a website very slow to load, with frequent downtimes for the people wanting to visit your website.

Always use the features “Domain Lock” and “Auto Renew”.

The feature “Domain Lock” basically protects your domain from unauthorized transfer requests, making more difficult for malicious people to hijack or even steal your website. This is an important feature, basically in this era of the internet’s hackers.

The feature “Auto renew” is normally offered for every domain registrars. Once you activate it, your domain name will be renewed, automatically, before the end of the expiration date. Why is this feature so important? Because you do not know if some domain squatters are watching you and will take your domain the same day it expires, and, in the best case scenario, you will lose time and money to get back to you, or, in the worst case scenario, some other bad gay will take profit of your effort.

There are many more things that you must keep in mind when you begin Internet Marketing, but I will bring to you in future articles. But until then, I need your feedback, let me know what do think about this matter or if you have in mind other relevant aspects.