Thursday, April 5, 2012

Getting Better Our Friend The Computer.

<img src="mypcissick.jgp" alt="Picture of my sick computer"/>Perhaps a long time ago you bought a computer, with the illusion of which long time lasted to you, working so well and as fast as the first day. Nevertheless, little by little, with the one to attend of the months, it has been making worse its yield, it can be because the new applications are more and more demanding or because you have been installing software or new devices, etc. and you reach then the conclusion that you must change of equipment. Stop immediately and reflex, do not do it, not yet. I am going to to propose you a series of tricks so that the computer begins to work as well as possible, tricks that also will be able to serve you so that your new computer renders to the maximum possible for you.
Although your equipment is new or old, always can be increased more the performance, even beyond the 100%. Many forms exist to approach the improvements. We can divide them in two main fronts for the battle: in hardware and software, although as the logic indicates to us those that have a greater weight in the final result is the modifications or improvements of hardware and it is what we will be talking about today.
 But given the intimate relation that always settles down between those two elements, usually there is a bit of both in any action of improvement. Occasions exist in which just by to update a driver or to make a maintenance routine can be improved much the experience of use of the computer. When the equipment generally begins to go badly the idea to format the hard disk is first that is coming to our mind. But the majority of the users do not know that often it is not necessary so radical and invasive procedure, which we only must apply as a last resort already.
Cleaning of the computer.
 First that we must try is a cleaning of the equipment, but we are not speaking here to take a humid cloth with disinfectant and to pass it through all the outer part of the computer, this would be well like hygiene but, lamentably, it will not provide any beneficial effect in the performance, falling even in the possibility of damaging it seriously if the liquid is spilled towards its interior. Maybe you have probably not seen this, but I do as a technician. The cleaning that we talked about previously is to uninstall programs, services or archives that are not already necessary. Often we have found computers that when watching the monitor we lost ourselves between so many icons, many of which, when we have asked the user, are there for years and without using at all.
Configuration of the energy profiles.
This is mainly useful in case it is using one laptop, but for all type of computer, there are several configurations that can be recommended to improve the performance: to choose the behavior of the ignition button, to select the behavior of the cover, to select when the screen goes out, to change the frequency when the equipment enters in standby, to choose the energy plans, etc.
Why we have to defragment the hard disk?
One of the best tools than comes with the operating system, in this case Windows, is the Disk Defragmenter. What happens when we use the hard disk? Normally, the Operational System looks for the information that we ordered to it in the hard disk, we used it and when we issue the order to stop him using that determined information, instead of to put it in the same place again it found, it strip in complete disorder within the hard disk, bringing out a mess and chaos, repeated daily, and when we tried to obtain the same data the system delays much more in finding it. When we used the Disk Deframenter it returns to place each piece of files one consecutively of the other, or at least the majority, improving unobjectionable the yield of the computer.
Always get the updates.
We must maintain all the components of the computer totally updated. For example if our computer uses Windows as operating system, regularly we must go to Windows Update to obtain the necessary updates, since these correct the breaches of security detected by hackers, besides the failures of yield in the programs which will give a more efficient and safe equipment to us.
Always try to realize extensions of memory.
Sometimes there is not another possibility than to update part of hardware because the components have aged. We can replace some basic components that only have average complexity; this is the case of RAM.
There are many other possibilities, but they are only recommended for people with certain level of knowledge, for example to make a cleaning of the registry or to modify the list of execution at the beginning of the system or start up. In case of other components that also can be improved or be replaced our recommendation is that you must use the service of experienced hands, since the damage could be greater than the benefit. And by the way, of something we must live the technicians.
Let us know what you think about all this. And finally, do you dare to make some of these tasks? We wait for your ideas, commentaries or suggestions.


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