Sunday, April 1, 2012

Laws to Success Part I

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The path to Success never is a coincidence, but is governed by several Laws. Everybody should remember these basic laws when they want to jump and ride through this path of Success. One of these basic laws is to learn with the Universe, and we must focus on it to begin with.

The three masters: Time, Space and Universe.

There are three masters that rule the life of any person in this world. They are Time, Space and the Universe. There is an enormous relationship, according to a theory of Albert Einstein, among these masters. Of these three interrelated masters, without a doubt, Time is the most ruthless of all, because it ends killing up to the last of his disciples. You can have Time as the principal master, but then should be aware that you will suffer the logical consequences of the delay. Instead of that, you must have the wisdom to accelerate the learning process guided by the experience of other people.

The largest of the masters is the Universe.

 If you could incorporate the Universal Laws to your own psychological structure, two of the main consequences of this act would be success and wisdom. Why? Because, we have to acknowledge this, the Universe is pure and absolute intelligence. It is ordered. It is governed by rigid laws, immutable and sovereign. These laws are absolute in its essence, independent of time and space in which they develop and act, depending entirely on the intention and the consciousness present in each one of us. The main purpose of these laws is to maintain order in the chaos, love into hate, ignorance into wisdom, health in sickness and eternity in the passing moment, functioning like an action and reaction, trying to fill the living space of every human being. Is there, in all these concepts of action and reaction where we can implement our goal of achieving maximum success.

What is The Law of Increase?

Another law every person must analyze and take into account in their approach to Success is the law of Increase. This law tells us that everything you focus, normally, tends to increase, so if we focus on our defects or our limitations, these limitations will increase in mathematical proportion to the energy that we use. What these indicate to us? We have to focus and put our energy into our qualities or virtues, whether they are real or imaginary, in order to get the benefit of progress and success.

You can practice this exercise.

Take a paper and write on it ten qualities that currently you owns or would like to have in the near future or medium term, and focuses on reading them for 21 days, these qualities will remain forged and engraved in your mind, implanted in your mental structure and, ultimately, becoming part of your own being. This exercise is a real fact. Try to realize it and you will find that your route to success become more smooth and easy.

Finally, there are more outstanding laws, but it would be the best leave them for another future post. Meanwhile there are some things that I would like to know from you. For example, what do you think of this particular issue and how you focus or visualize your path towards the attainment of success? Let me know about your thoughts and in this way we will commit to become a better human been.


  1. Knowing your ultimate goal and purpose. When you use those as your driving forces, you can make the decisions that will propel you forward towards success.

    1. Thank you very much for your kind comment. I'm writing a post about these issues, but thet have to wait.

  2. One sure-thing about success, it's not easy to achieve it. But setting specific goals and properly implement strategies directed to it. Without goals, success is impossible to attain.

    1. Thank you so much Spatch for your kind comment. You were reading my mind, actually I have a series of posts on this subject but have to wait in the programming that I have done. One such issue is precisely the importance of goals in obteining the success. Please check back on here to know more about his opinion on the matter. You have a great blog, it's a pitty not to allow comments.