Friday, April 13, 2012

Remember to Get Your Computer's Backup.

Picture of a computer's hard disk in flames of fire.
Suddenly, you hear a sound that came from your computer. Then, without a warning, your computer shutdown by itself, and when you try to restart it nothing come to your monitor, a black screen. Maybe some white letters on it that state: “No Operational System found”.

Unfortunately, in most cases, this means that your hard drive is dead. And then that cold sweat start running through your body and a question comes to your mind: Do I have lost all my photos, data and files? Most time this is true, so panic seizes you, but no, wait, at that moment you remember you have a backup....Maybe?

When you spend a big or a small quantity of time on your computer, maybe working or maybe just for fun, the worst thing for you is to lose the information, that precious information, you have spent hours or days in create it. But, the worst for you is losing information that cannot be returned such as pictures, emails, and personal files. And believe me, this happens more often than you imagine.

The best way to avoid this horrible loss is doing a back up of your hard disk. There are several ways to perform this task.  However, when you have not the same knowledge than a computer technician, the easiest way is to buy a portable or external hard disk.  They are somewhat inexpensive; if you consider the quantity of effort and time you have spent into the things you are trying to not lose.

The notion of the portable or external hard disk is quite simple. Typically, they are connected to your desktop or laptop using a USB cable and, normally, you get this cable with the hard disk when you buy it, and, furthermore, every computer have at least two USB ports somewhere on the front, on the side or on the back.

When the device, the portable hard disk, is connected to the computer, you can copy or move your files or folders to it. As a technician, I always recommend to copy the files and folders instead of move them, this is a way to avoid any lose you may have in the process of move them and you won’t have a copy at hands.

Depending on the size of the hard disk will represent the quantity of data you could back up. Undoubtedly, this is the most convenient and easiest way to save any files, folders or documents you may want to protect from your computer.

Also you can protect those valuables files and folders by doing an internet backup. There are some of these services available in the internet and many of them are quite easy to use. But maybe you will need a little more of knowledge in the computer field in order to get your way through the process, this situation could be resolved with the help of the costumer service of the company you chose to work with.

I will propose to you to make a list in order to avoid you data be lost, but it is your responsibility to set up the process properly. You can learn the lesson the hard way or you can hear the advice and take some steps to avoid disaster. Another thing that you have to remember is that applications or software cannot be backed up, they have to be reinstalled. This is always my check list for back up.

Write a list of programs you use most.

Delete all files that you do not use from your computer. Include here software.

Check what kind of files you keep and those that you want to keep.

Organize your documents and files. The best result is in a hierarchy way.

Calculate how much space you need to collect data.

Find the software and passwords needed.

Whenever you use a remote backup service, read the instructions carefully and be sure that you understand them.

Verify that the data’s transfer was complete and in a correct way.

Use schedule and automatic backups whenever you can.

Be sure if you need just one backup or more than one.

And last but not least, and the most important of all.
Employ an IT specialist, like me in this case, to do the job. All business, big or small, needs assistance to master, with the necessary quality of service, the power of technology. Take a note that, just like your lawyer, doctor or any professional needed, you also need a computer professional on your team. No worst time to look for experience hands is when disaster strikes.


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