Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Content Strategies (I)

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Always keep in mind these content strategies if you want to develop your own business in Internet Marketing. These strategies or concepts are effective and foundational for every single person.

1- Must be clear about your message.

This is a rule of thumb. You must start your writing process with a very clear sense of what message you want to send or share with your audience, if you fall short in this rule, your content will fall short too. So the best way is to seat back, relax, think twice and take enough time to drill down your overarching intention into one basic concept. Think again, and make sure this concept is clear, pointed and accessible. Remember, if you are not able to do this, how can you expect anyone will like to read it and, later, understand it?

2- Always try to know your reader.

It is very important to know your message and be as clear as possible about what you to want to write or what you want to express, but is more critical that you understand your audience. Sometimes this is more critical than be clear about your own message. You can do this when you take in consideration your audience’s interests, their particular points of view and their needs before you start to write the first single word.
Always keep in your mind that the most people want to know is if you will go to solve their problems, if you have a solution for them. They want, above all, to feel that you are related to their pain points. You only can do this for your readers if you know or imagine who they are, and put yourself in their shoes.

3- Keep a list of your good ideas.

Has it ever happened to you, that a great idea has come to your mind, but has not written it because you were doing something very important that kept you busy for a while, and when you finally had the time to translate it on paper; you found that has disappeared completely, has vanished without a trace?
 This happens more frequent that you think and to everybody, do not worry, nothing is wrong with you. So, to avoid this just take a little moment to write it down every time that some good idea cross your mind. But, better than that, write down uptime around 20 or more ideas that come to your mind at any given moment, you do not know which of them will convert in a good idea just when you start to type about it.

4- Find different sources.

Always try to find different sources for your ideas. Use everything around you, or any kind of information. Check Twitter and looks what is trending in comments. Google alerts to track trends and worthy items in the industry of your choice. Ask your readers for controversial subjects. Launch a new service or product, could be yours or as an affiliate, and make a press release about it.

5- Review your work.

Never, under any circumstances, compromise the integrity of your writing, fulfill well this by checking your work several times before posting, check your grammar and spelling, if you are not sure, or if it is not your strength, get a second opinion of someone with more knowledge or use specific programs to help you. The best writing is questioned whether the full, or even just a part, have some grammatical errors or spelling.

6- Be authentic and genuine.

Either if you are writing for you, or for someone else that hired you, be genuine and authentic. But keep in mind that if you are writing for somebody, that you are hired to reflect your client’s authentic voice, not yours, so in this case is not an opportunity for you to interject your own opinion or style.

It is very important to me, know what opinion you may have. Please, let me know your feedback and any comment or opinion, in this field of Internet Marketing, would be more than welcome.


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    1. Thank you very much for your comment and opinion. You are completely right: in the internet world, content is King.

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