Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things to Consider When You Start In Internet Marketing (III).

Image of server room on a host serverUnquestionably, Internet Marketing is an amazing and complex world inside Internet of these actual days. In this series of article we continue offering you some of the most important aspects you must know to have a secure and problem-proof development of your business.

Always research Internet looking for a good web host company.

As we told in a previous article, it is very important to find a good web host company for your website health, but before you take any decision about this you have to research for it in Internet. You can follow this steps, look for hosting review sites, check what other clients are saying about the companies you are thinking to consider, test the customer support department and try to evaluates how long they take for them to get back to you, ask for address of websites that the companies host and go to them and test how fast they load.

Always chose for Linux bases plans instead of Windows bases plans.

The two main options for web host companies, at this moment, are Windows bases plans and Linux bases plans. Are they different? Both are good, but we recommend selecting those companies which web server are Linux bases plans instead of Windows. This has nothing to do with the Operational System you have in your computer. This means that the server use Linux as Operational System, not your computer. Linux based hosting plans are totally superior to Windows, as they are more secure and reliable, they use a server software called Apache which has more feature and is faster than Windows.

Use adequate fonts.

You must use adequate fonts in order to give a good user experience to your visitors, so they feel comfortably when they read your content or they will leave your website to another where they feel better. Normally is used a font size of 11, but use bigger ones as possible.

Select a web host company that use cPanel.

The cPanel is an industry standard, but some companies try to use their own software. When using cPanel you will get more features and it will allow an easier backup, restore and transfer your website, this means that you will able to move your website to a different web host as you need it in the future.

Use adequate color for fonts and background.

Another aspect that infer in a good user experience for visitors is to choose the adequate color for fonts and background. Sometimes we found websites that are very difficult, very hard to read or, even, understand, despite the might have awesome content. Sometime hurts the visitor eyes, so you lose a customer at once. Maybe you like, but if you lose customer, you lose a probable customer of your product or service. In this case, better stick to basic color palettes, combining dark fonts on white or clear background, first choice, or white font on dark background.

Of course there are many more things you should know and consider when you decide to start in this world of Internet Marketing, but we will bring to you in successive articles. But now, please, we need your cooperation, let us know what do think about this matter or if you have in mind other relevant aspects.


  1. cPanel is such a standard that I would never consider a hosting company that doesn't use it.

    The other thing I find makes a website attractive is the amount of white space - just so text doesn't feel cramped.


    1. Hi Dee, thanks for your recommendation. For sure that I took note of that point to use in next post. And I will post it as your idea.

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