Thursday, April 12, 2012

Things to Consider When You Start in Internet Marketing (IV)

Server in a server room of a host server.Undoubtedly, Internet Marketing is an amazing and complex world inside Internet of these days. In this series of article we continue offering you some of the most important aspects you must know in order to have a secure and problem-proof development of your business.

You must test your website with different browsers.

There are many web browsers out there, and people can use any of them. You must test your website, and see how it looks, at least, on the major browsers on market. They are IE (different flavors), Opera, Safari, Chrome, Firefox, etc. In this way you can be sure that you are not losing customer for this cause.

Make that links looks different.

You must make that the links you have in your website be easy to identify for your visitors, so the know where to click. As a standard you can underline the links or change the color of the fonts. Furthermore, is important to change the color or the visited links, and this is normal practice around the internet, so in this way you allow your visitors to know what pages they have visited in the past and they can decide to go over those pages or select others.

Select the adequate resolution.

You must select the best resolution for any visitor you may have, around 90% of normal users have a resolution of 1024x768 or maybe higher. The normal width for your website should be between 800 to 1024 pixels, however, the best selection will be 1024 pixels. If you select more than 1024 pixels for your web site users will need to scroll to view your content and, again, you will lose a customer.

Optimize the images on your website.

Always should be better if you compress your images under the .jpg format. You can use image editor software, or use software that permit to save the picture to use on the web. This is important because images have a significant impact in how fast a website is loaded. Normally you can use texts and not use any image, but images give an outstanding leverage to your website.

Always check for spelling mistakes.

Finally, at least for this today’s article, presentation is a core aspect of any website. In the website presentation for the visitors, text is an essential part of any job. Always check your texts, as much as possible, looking for any spelling and grammar mistakes around. Try to proofread several times your pages or any article you summit to the visitors eyes, and if it is possible use another person, as a friend, to read the pages for you, as the old quote say “four eyes see more than two”. Use, if necessary, a grammar and spelling software checker, there are several that have to pay for them, but there are some free on Internet that works very well, like this one  , which is what I use.

Of course there are many more things you should know and consider when you decide to start in this world of Internet Marketing, but we will bring to you in successive articles. But now, please, we need your feedback, let us know what do think about this matter or if you have in mind other relevant aspects.

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