Saturday, April 14, 2012

Self-Confidence, How do you see Yourself?

a picture of a yellow cat watching itself as a lion on a mirror
The self-confidence is a crucial element in the performance of any individual. Put two people to perform the same task, if all other factors match, the person that will do better and faster will be the one that have more confidence in itself. This applies to all types of task, from the simplest to the most complex. You will realize the importance of this statement when you become aware that the most complex task we have to do is just to live.

Many factors can influence whether a person has or no confidence in itself, but one of them is paramount: the way the person is raised. When we talk of a person, everybody imagine an adult and often forget that this adult was once a child. It is during childhood that lay the foundation of what will be the adult, and it is unlikely that this adult can change the course which was marked in its infancy.

This happens because childhood is the time when the mind is more malleable, is when is more influenced by her surroundings. Hence, when speaking of the influence of the environment, we are referring to the action of parents, relatives, friends, teachers, peer students, and everybody that, during the time when person is more suggestible: her childhood, surround the future adult .

There are ways to raise a child that encourage confidence in itself and others that tend to destroy it. Undo the effect of bad parenting it is very difficult when the person grow and is an adult. However, change can happen, either accidentally or deliberately.

Always think that self-confidence refers to the belief in the person’s ability to perform a task, based in this, we can realize the various ways you can increase self-confidence of a person. For instance, there are fortuitous experiences that enable some people to realize a task that they never thought have any condition to perform in a good way. They are called "critical experiences" because they mark a crossroads in the way of life of each people.

There is also a gradual way to getting faith in personal's ability for a task. This is in order to get closer to the top of the desired goal in successive stages. It begins with simple tasks and gradually the difficulty is increased. This method has been used for centuries in the job training: the person starts as an apprentice and gradually, over time, is gaining more responsibility and move up in the career ladder.

Finally, there is a method that some people may take as magical but it actually has neurological foundations. Practice consists of mental representations, or views, of the task to be carried out. Comparisons made between people who practiced this kind of "mental exercises" and others than did not, it was found that the former were more effective than the latter.


  1. It's true that we do everything twice - once in our head, and once for real. When you walk through something in your head and visualize it with a positive outcome, you are much more likely to do so in real life.

    The issue sometimes is that we let fear overtake us, and that mental image becomes distorted.

    Cool post Juan - and thanks for your lovely comments over at Moonpreneur.

  2. Interesting write-up Juan. I think that many people in our society lack not only self-confidence, but will power to do things for themselves. Lacking self-confidence is bad enough for a person. I wonder how this next generation will be as far as this goes. Thanks for the thoughts!

    1. Thank you very much Andy for your comment and kind words. I visited your site and join to your followers and liked your page on Facebook.

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