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10 free tools to clean and maintain your PC safe

10 free tools to clean and maintain your PC safe

10 free tools to clean and maintain your PC safe

In this article I will let you know a selection of applications that will help you to keep the equipment in good health and free from threats.
For some time the computer has become an essential tool for our work and has also been inserted in a lot of homes. In this context, the health of our PC has become a critical issue. It is important to note that we use various tools combined provide a better option to have everything under control.
This article explores ten essential applications to make our equipment is clean and safe from threats.


Tool specially designed for deep cleaning on your hard drive. Among its main features include options to clean the Windows registry, temporary files, recycle bin, clipboard, Start Menu, Desktop, Recent Documents and search auto, among many other options.
In addition, CCleaner can act performing cleaning Cookies, History and cache, among other options, the leading browsers (Internet Explorer, Firefox, Chrome, Safari and Opera). This application also provides a section for uninstalling programs installed on our equipment, so to free up space. This software has a Spanish language version, the download is free and can be obtained from the website: .


For free you can access an interesting combo that includes Antivirus and Firewall to safeguard our team. This is the basic option without charge, but if you want you can purchase the paid version, Internet Security Pro, with many additional options. Well worth saying that it is possible to test the Pro option with 30 days trial.
If we choose the free version, we can achieve very good results up to go surf the Internet and also to our network with a firewall that offers many options and also with proactive protection. To this you can add the option COMODO antivirus that provides for even greater protection. Find more information on .


With this tool you can have a powerful antivirus that will protect our computer from threats and we will go sheltered surf the Internet.
In the free version will find an antivirus with anti-spyware  If we seek a more complete solution we can choose any of the paid versions, as the case of Internet Security, which offers additional solutions for purchase and secure online banking, identity protection and data and other tools aimed to prevent SPAM .
The link to the site from avast! is .

AVG Anti-Virus Free

Another alternative that we can help our team detect and clean viruses. Real-time protection and the ability to search our system the presence of all types of malware are the key benefits of this product.
Additional advantages for those who use the Internet, highlighting the scanner options for links (LinkScanner) and also the possibility of protection in social networks. We can find the link for the free products or find out more options in AVG payable solutions

Microsoft Security Essentials

This tool is the free option offered by Microsoft for Windows users legitimate versions. Among the advantages of this software may be mentioned the detection and removal of malicious files and spyware. This product integrates the system with a very clear interface, offers a fuss use, for any user that can handle it without problems.
We can access the download page of the product entering

SpyBot Search & Destroy

A very important tool to scan your computer for spyware and other malicious agents that could jeopardize the security of our computer is SpyBot Search & Destroy.
This program can be downloaded for free from the website  and offers a Spanish version easy to use and configure for analysis.
You can also make an immunization process to protect some features of browsers and strengthen security. We may also find additional tools that will help us keep safe the privacy of our system.

Spyware Terminator

If we want to exterminate the spyware on our network this tool can be very useful to us as an alternative to inspect and clean these dreaded our threats. With computer scanning options and real-time protection, Web Security Guard and the addition of an antivirus, this tool is a very good option to consider. We will get more information by logging on: /.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware

One interesting application for our team reviews for malware. If we believe that our computer may be infected with viruses, trojans, spyware, rootkits or other malware, worth trying with this software to try to detect threats and definitely clean our system.
This tool can be achieved in a free version or a full version (paid) on website 

Part of the health of our team goes through to know the internal components are well. One of the factors that can harm our hardware associated with the excess heat. SpeedFan is a tool that can measure the temperature of both the main processor and the graphics processor (GPU), hard disk and other system features.
This application can also access the hardware some additional data such as voltage, fan speed (revolutions per minute) and SMART features hard drives installed on your computer.
This program can be obtained by entering .

TuneUp Utilities

This is a set of utilities that allow us to optimize the system. With this product we can perform maintenance, improve performance, free space, system troubleshooting, uninstalling unnecessary programs, disable start-up programs you do not need, edit the registry, change the configuration of Windows and many other options.
You can access the free download and see the options for the full version (paid) by entering: .

Let me know what do you think about a such interesting issue. 

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